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June 2015

Page history last edited by tricia530 8 years, 10 months ago

Agenda items for the June Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings

Present: Oswyn, Lynette, Aleator, Sofya, Roana, Eadric, James, Keg, Eve, Markéta


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Markéta
    • Exchequer - Oswyn 
      • RSO $1085.05  $2154.75; $1954.75 working. Review of books done, Officialdom has come to Exchequer; Need Pdfs. Need to establish Actual financial Policy, official budgets. Need Official Equipment inventory. Need change in statement policy; can't have statement sent to Exchequer.
    • Martial - Aleator
      • We have a M-i-T for armored combat!  Woot!  Aleator willing to step down if/when Greg willing to step. By unanimous consent, Greg was voted in as Martial. We will be holding joint practices with Baile; he also helped out with Illiton's demo at the gaming con. Also met with BoN people from Springfield. Practice moving to Thursday/Sunday.
    • A&S - Elisabetha 
      • We have officially switched to a 1st Monday SCA sewing night, typically at Oswyn & Gertrudis' with a 3rd Monday Makerspace sewing night where all makers are welcome. 
      • Gothic Dress/Cotehardie Saturday-- June 27th. Sean and Becky have graciously agreed to host. At minimum, participants should bring their sewing kits and 2-3 yards of woven natural fiber fabric to make their upper body patterns. I can bring 2 sewing machines and an ironing board/iron. This is not going to be a traditional class because I have never done this before (But Kari has, ;-)). I am reviewing all of my instructions and tutorials I have come across, and we will all learn together. All of my resources are on this page
      • There was teaching this week; Sean taught a class at NotRagnarok, and Ro taught a class on How to Judge at A&S. 
      • 4th Monday A&S? Pennsic prep at Union. July A&S will be Pity Party. 
    • Pursuivant - Hrefna
      • Heraldry night  (?)
    • Chatelaine - Lynette
      • Tying into other groups, trying to cross-pollinate. 
      • Putting up SCA posters wherever she puts up Save Rentertainment. 
    • Webminister - 
      • Sofya volunteers to be Webminster; will 
    •   Chronicler - Roana 
      • Deadline for Wyvern's Watch - June 15 to be published July 1; has received nothing for Wyvern's Watch. Send Something!!!
      • Any and all articles/drawings/pictures appreciated 
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha
      • The forthcoming RSO info/business page can be found here.
      • Our reservation for rooms was approved. The request for exempt space (South Lounge) has been filed. I have not heard back about South Lounge as of 5-11-15, but if I recall that may be normal for exempt space.
      • Need to renew RSO status--I have one more year before I leave for field work. I am happy to continue for this year unless someone else wants it. We should decide today, and I will initiate the process.
      • Quad Day 
  • Old Business 
  • Maidens 
    • Persona track from RUM happening.
    • Ix coordinating Heavy, Guiliana coordinating rapier. 
    • Roana has posted feast. Woot! 
    • Verena in charge of classes; Mock Faire will still be held
    • All coming along swimmingly. 
  • New Business
    • Discussion; interest in move to shell Barony, enfolding Wurmwald, St. Carol, Baile, Swordcliff?
      • 5 minutes response each, 2 minutes for second round  
      • Sean moved to move forward with discussion, seconded by Ro. Vote taken by oral vote, approved no absention, no nay votes, unanimously passes to move forward to see if other groups agree that this could be a good thing.
      • Ro will go to meeting @ Swordcliff in July; other groups torn on decision. 


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