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April 2015

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Agenda items for the April Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings

Present: Markéta, Roana, Lynette, Gertrudis, Gregg Larson, Sofya, Genviève, Oswyn, Hrefna, Aleator



  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Markéta
      • Deputy, please. ASAP 
      • Donations for Silent Auction for State Dinner at Pennsic; see below 
      • Red Cross donations appreciated; tornado in Rochelle hit SCA peeps, wiped town, looters there...  See below
    • Exchequer - Oswyn  We have money $399.00 from ACCEPS,  $1081.40 from RSO; $2490.75 in checking. Max needs to cash check, check for McKinley. Quarterly report ready to send in. 
    • Martial - Aleator
      • Assistant armored marshal discussion 
      • Occasional Weds evening/Sat morning for armored practice, Rapier interest as well as heavy. Gregg holding armored practice, Asst Martial, will re-auth at Awakenings, MiT sooner... 
    • A&S - Elisabetha
      • A&S was held and mellow 
      • Roana (2d for Pent!), Oswyn (multiple!) placed in A&S, can move on to Kingdom
      • Brewers guild active again; Racking 4/27 
      • Volunteers for this month's Sewing Night chez Oswyn & Gertudis this month.  Potential Sewing Guild? Goody Gertudis?
      • Finish A&S projects on A&S day? Shoes? embroidery? Weaving!!  -Shoe the Shire this month, chez Sofya! Please let her know A) Attending y/n, b) stage 
      • Gulf Wars for Wurmwald, people took classes, Lynette taught one, people took many classes; JourneyMan project by Sof, Lynette
      • MoAS report not yet in - Please turn in (due 4/1!)
      • Looking for deputy; Ro interested
      • Rites A&S, Lynette, Oswyn taught. Ro, Lynette, Oswyn, Marketa volunteered in kitchen.
      • Please be sure your class events from January 1-April 1 are up to date with me! 
    • Pursuivant - Hrefna
      • Report turned in Hoo-ah!
      • did consultation pre-meeting, Life extensively busy. 
      • Heraldry night  
    • Chatelaine - Lynette
      • little active activities, maintaining contact with MakerSpace 
      • New fighters.
      • Looking for new connections 
    • Webminister
      • Need officer; Sofya interested
    • Chronicler - Roana 
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha
      • Need to consider new RSO President as current President may not be present
      • The forthcoming RSO info/business page can be found here.
      • Our reservation for rooms was approved. The request for exempt space (South Lounge) has been filed.
  • New Business
  • Old Business 
    • May Day; A&S if someone wants to organize it. Site open @ 1:00, fighting 1:30. Rapier, then armored, then archery. Shaded patio. Bring chairs. Open invite. Ro making FB page. Aleator making basic webpage. Potluck starts @ 6, bring dish or $5/head. Interest from 'outside'  fighters.
  • Maidens 
    • Menu set-up; growing/making what can be done for Maidens. Raising chickens (Terra), getting eggs, growing mushrooms for feast. Mediterranean Feast. 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  

Meeting adjourned 7:48. 




I have volunteered to coordinate a Silent Auction to be held at the Spring Coronation of Ragnvaldr and Arabella on May 2, 2015. This is to be a fundraiser for the State Dinner at Pennsic, which will be hosted this year by the Midrealm.


I am hoping that you can assist me by reaching out to the artisans in your populace for donations. We would like this to be not the usual silent auction and have these items be relevant to the SCA timeframe and of high quality. To raise the needed funds, we will need unique items that the populace will really want to bid on.


Such items could include: Jewelry, inkle woven or card woven trim, pottery, fabric, clothing, accessories, books, weapons, or armor.


We could also suggest the donation of time and services – be it an hour long class on how to fight long sword, or a dinner for 4 hosted at Pennsic, or a fitting for clothing with an experienced seamstress, to name a few ideas.


Would you please pass the word to your populace and let me know who would be willing to participate? We are hoping to obtain between 50 and 100 items for the auction and this should give enough notice for people to create something.


If you do have willing participants, please provide me with their mundane name/SCA name, contact info (cell phone or email), and the item they will donate along with a suggested minimum bid. In the event an item does not meet the minimum, have the donator indicate if they would like the item returned or put into largesse for their Majesties.


I am planning on attending Grand Tournament of the Unicornon April 18th and could pick up donations at that event if the participant is unable to attend Coronation.


I hope to hear from you soon!


Yours in Service,


Baroness Antonia of Andelcrag




Annette Fech Smith (from FB post)

April 10 at 9:07am

Good Day Good Gentles! I come to you as a very lucky person- we were not affected by the tornados. Our home and family are safe. However there are a great many who have lost everything. 
We are a group know for our charity and goodwill- our Chivalry. And with that I come to you. 
If anyone has the ability to bring extra supplies - food, water, dog food, blankets, clothes- etc. To Rites of Spring, I will happily collect them and drop them off Sunday morning to the Red Cross headquarters that has set up in the area.

I shall be sitting near the list field, and for those who do not know me I shall be wearing a purple and green viking dress with a fun hat:-) I shall be near House Fox Rose.

Again I thank you for your time reading this and hope we can once again show our Chivalry to strangers.

In service,
Cezara cel Asemanare



Ongoing projects 






Illini Union Space Request Form (or pdf file here) RSO account# = 1-905708-199000

Midlands Meeting Notes Form by Caitriona

Class Reporting information for MOAS Generic class sign up sheet.docx.

I need teacher's information for:

1. The name of class and a description if not clear from the name




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