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January 2015

Page history last edited by tricia530 8 years, 4 months ago

Present: Lynette, Hrefna, Sofya, Genvieve, Elisabetha, Oswyn, Roana, Eadric, James, Markéta, Aleator


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Markéta
    • Exchequer - Oswyn; question of late catering bill to be contested v refund from Kingdom; will send in change of office, final RUM reports. Available money RSO $910, Marine $1714.97, still $200 deposit for McKinley, $22 check uncashed.
    • Martial - Aleator - Rapier marshal is resigning, rapier needs new marshal. 
    • A&S - Elisabetha
      • Sewing night - MakerSpace on Monday
      • glass/fire class day after Maidens 
      • Liz 'out' until after Maidens 
    • Pursuivant - Hrefna
      • Kingdom OP up to date - Woot! Working on Shire individual OP
    • Chatelaine - MakerSpace wishes to collaborate on many frontsl Chatelaine, MoAS to coordinate
    • Webminister - 
    •   Chronicler - Roana 
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha
      • The forthcoming RSO info/business page can be found here. No new business as of 1-12-14. 
  •  New Business
    • Ceilidh (bardic showcase) / Eidstedfodd (Welsh ceilidh). Clinton Lake has campsite w/ amphitheatre, would be amenable to our hosting an event; up to 75 people, 10 SCA tents + rest of campground only $4/person, amphitheatre only $25/day. Wellspring State Park also have site with 2 amphitheatres, camping there, kind of group site, no kitchen, but shelters (seat 75) amphitheatres Free. Possible make joint event for Baili na Scolare, Swordcliff, Wurm Wald. Wet sites!!!!  Showcase for bards 
  • Maidens 
    • Going fine, good to go. 
    • Rooms set up
    • No Friday set-up
    • Aleator needs heavy lifting to help set-up Friday eve, Sat am 
    • Liz starting to fetch food
    • Ro, Oswyn got 214 for changing room, will be on sign, will not be locked 
    • Lynette nearly full on crash space 
    • ACCEPS mailed, up
    • Volunteers needed  
      • Setting up a DIY volunteer list (VolunteerSpot)
      • Starting barrage of requests to the Kingdom
      • If you have a specific thing you'd like to do, speak up now before someone else takes it  
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  

Adjourned 7:56pm


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