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November 2014

Page history last edited by tricia530 8 years, 6 months ago

Agenda items for the November Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings

Present: Markéta, Elizabetha, James, Gertrudis, Oswyn, Hrefna, Aleator, Geneviève, Sofya, Beatrice


Meeting adjourned 8:04


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Markéta (fill-in for Heralds shows Ro as Seneschal)
    • Exchequer - Geneviève - 50% split for Maidens paid out. $2056.99 current balance. RSO Balance $864.27 , still $200 @ First Financial to cover
      • Oswyn will step up after RUM 
    • McKinley. 11 pre-reg for RUM, one to be refunded.
    • Martial - Aleator - poor attendance at fighter practice. Mats received, will move to storage post Maidens. Gurney in storage with St. Carol on Moor's mats.
    • A&S - Elisabetha
      • No A&S scheduled this month RUM, next month Union closed (holiday season)
      • Gertrudis volunteers for Sewing night 
      • Gothic dress - on hold
      • Dena competed in Crystal Ball, did well for Barony of Illiton 
    • Pursuivant - Hrefna
      • not much going on; Oswyn in Decision
    • Chatelaine - (out sick)    
      • one individual contacted  via Collegiate Link
      • Dena, Ro Smile Politely interview on Wednesday 
    • Webminister - Beatrice 
      • Change happening, will consult with husband. Will investigate being part of Midrealm site 
      • Willing to be deputy if someone else has burning passion for Webminstering. Have talk with Dena again re deputy v webminister. 
    •  Chronicler - Roana 
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha
      • Created a page on wiki concerning RSO/University policies. Please Read.
      • will have future RSO President/Seneschal  
      • applying to go to Honduras for significant portions of next few years, may be better for someone in-country to handle 
  •  Old Business
    • Aleator went to Folo's, claimed 3 boxes of Julie/Folo personal SCA stuff, put into storage. One room available in storage on main floor.
  •  New Business
  •  RUM
    • Going well. Most being done by Kingdom.
    • Display, Laurel Challenge being done by Brynn. 
    • signs being printed, tokens being assembled.
    • Troll training 11/13 chez Genevieve
    • Will be (re)posting for volunteers ; question of registration training
    • ACCEPS closed. 
    • Classes/listing/times up. Turned people away so many classes offered.(!) 
    • Oswyn contacting Verena re which classes where (church/Union) tomorrow.
    • TRMs will be teaching classes (!) 
    • Volunteers needed !!
    • Only one merchant registered, [Misty contacting people for Maidens] 
    • issue with Eastland 'attrition rate' 80% of rooms reserved were not booked, but could be charged for rooms not sold. BUT home game week-end, likely all will go, if RUM or not. Brew tasting (after) party
    • Wooden signs at Ro's. 
  •  Maidens
    • Talked to TRM at Crystal Ball, conflict will not be able to attend. Strongly encouraging heirs to attend. So far no royals planning to attend, which is rare. Could be a Regent court if Prince/Princess are in attendance.
    • Parking reserved.
    • Misty pitching for merchants
    • site tokens decided, need to be made
    • Want to change rate to correct age payment issue 16-17 yo $4 to avoid paying non-member fee for youth as well. 
    • ACCEPS mailed off, will ask to tweak
    • Aleator to contact Ix, Anton for Maidens 
    • Catering needs to be dealt with.
    • Classes - Hrefna will reach out to people who wanted to teach @ Maidens, couldn't, to teach @ Maidens 
    • Cindy/Dena check in about website.
    • Feast. Bid submitted.  Life happened. 1. Dena (Feast steward) call Master John to manage entertainment. 2. Meet with Dena, go through McK, 3. Go through budget, get final-final.
    • Dessert Revel. Was a tradition,when we did not have feast. Do we want to continue? Bring if you like, nothing catered.
    • Ro will contact Althea re Dancing.
    • Need to get info out now on Mock fair flyers b/w 3 cents, 12 cents color. 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  



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