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RSO Policies

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The Shire of Wurm Wald is both a shire in the SCA and a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Illinois. 

This allows us to use space at the University for free or reduced rate.

Per the University requirements, we have a president, treasurer and three authorized agents. The president and treasurer are not obligated to perform the roles of seneschal and exchequer, but it is fine if they overlap. Individuals who hold an RSO office must have a valid @illinois.edu email account.


More information will eventually be on this page including:

-The role of the RSO president and its relationship to the seneschal

-Summary of University and RSO policies which we are responsible for following anytime we are using a campus facility such as the Union. (Note that certain buildings on campus have their own use policies separate from the University and RSO policies. It is wise to check on this before large events.



If you have a question about an RSO issue, please contact the RSO president AND the seneschal so that your issue may be clarified as well as making it possible to provide future clarification for the Shire.

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