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Links of Interest

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This is a page where we can share links that might be interesting for everyone in the group. If you find something cool, please feel free to add it to this page. Also, please feel free to add additional headings for various topics as the need arises.


Feast Preparation:

How to Plan A Feast People Will Actually Eat


Garb Tutorials:

A Wandering Elf's Bog Dress

Robin Netherton's Fitted Dress FAQ

The Gothic Fitted Dress Explanations and Observations by Robin Netherton

La Cotte Simple has some helpful pictures with its tutorials for curved and straight front dresses which appear to be based on Robin Netherton's approach

Kirtle Class by Lady Asrune Rustikus-dotta

Kirtles from The Medieval Tailor

How to Pattern a Gothic Fitted Dress from By My Measure

T Tunic The Period Way

Ancient Finnish Costumes by The Viking Answer Lady


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