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August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by tricia530 9 years, 6 months ago


Meeting 8/11/2014


Present – Lynette, Elisabetha, Roana, Sofya, Genevieve, Oswyn, Hrefna, Marketa, James (new!)



Seneschal – no mucho, attended Demo, some rapier, Brew Day made hats, communicating with someone who want drop off.

Liz will make room reservation, continuing on Mondays at 7:00pm.


Exchequer – July balance $3235.10, not including banner supplies ($30.68, $50 for RUM). Will instruct Sean on quarterly report next time.


Martial – not present, Noah donated shield blank/greaves. Need fighters to attend Quad Day!


A & S – Brewing thing, Makerspace on going. Dress gothic class back burner. RUM room reservations making, Maidens feast prepping. RSO stuff quizzes getting settled.  A&S 8/25 … ? Dena suggests leather-handling 101. Sofya - leather handling empowerment class. Sewing night at JoAnn’s this month.  Illuminations for invitations next session.


Pursuivant – Pennsic (woot!) got agreement for Oswyn’s arms to conflict. !!!


Chatelaine – lots of stuff. Rantoul demo success, banner displayed, lovely.  Requesting more snippable flyers, bookmarks.  Quad Day, requesting silks be up for photos, need garb.  Dena, Elizabetha, Hrefna, possibly Genevieve – Need Fighters!


Webminster – not present, did survive Pennsic.


Chronicler – no news.


Old Business


New Business


RUM – Ro, check for $50, written today. Union reservation approved. Looking for illuminated invitations; volunteers; Jen parking, Genvieve Troll, Marketa Royalty liaison, Dena crash space. Sean, Elisabetha set-up/take down.  Marketa catering/or lunch – for royalty room/shire room. Those who wish to teach, contact Master Llew, deans of 5 different colleges. Will use online scheduler for volunteers.  Need ACCEPS set up Marketa.  Planning meeting for RUM in September, possibly on off- Monday.


Maidens – Liz bidding for feast, theme Queen’s feast, feast of favorite dishes for Roses.  Bid will be formalized later. Volunteers needed, will start fresh with new website, will fuss after RUM.  Sofya as Regional will run Mock Faire. Hrefna/Dena will coordinate classes. Misty doing merchants (RUM and Maidens). Will consult with peeps concerning controlling interest for website. Dena running crash space. Need illuminated invitations for Maidens for TRM/TRH.


Maidens planning meeting in October.


Dena will handle payment for Blue Host maidens site.


Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM.


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