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2001 - Festival of Maidens 28

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From the Internet Archive:



Event Steward, Reservations, and Queries: Catalana di Neri (Erica Neely)

Merchant Steward & Merchant Reservations: Barbary de Folo (Julie Watkins)

Deputy Event Steward: Damian de Folo (F.L. Watkins)

Dessert Revelmaster: Alisandro (Aaron Chusid)

A&S Competition: Keina ferch Sion (Katy Lustofin)

Heavy Fighting: Damon Kirby (Jason Kirby)

Rapier Fighting: Alexander de Seton (John Seaton)

Youth Combat: Sir Ix (Bo Ring)



National Guard Armory

600 East University • Urbana, IL 61802

Site Opens at 9 am and closes at 12 midnight

Site Fee: $5 (Includes Dessert Revel)

(No feast)



8:30 AM    Site opens for merchants
9:00 AM    Site opens for everyone else
9:30 AM    Inspections begin for rapier and youth rapier (see below)
10:00 AM    Inspections begin for heavy weapons and youth armored combat (see below)
10:30 AM    Authorizations begin for rapier
11:00 AM    Midlands Regional Rapier Tournament begins, authorizations begin for heavy weapons, classes begin
11:30 AM    Lunch Available (until 1:30 PM)
12:00 PM    Heavy weapons combat begins
1:00 PM    Meeting for all those planning on participating in any of the youth tournaments or boffer authorizations. Dancing begins!
1:45 PM    Youth Marshals Meeting
2:00 PM    Armor Inspections for youth, Rapier games begin
2:15 PM    Boffer authorizations
3:00 PM    Youth Armored Combat Tournament
3:20 PM    Youth Rapier Tournament
3:45 PM    Youth Boffer Tournaments - all divisions
4:00 PM    Troll closes, afternoon dancing ends
5:00 PM    Lists close
??? PM    Court ?
6:00 PM    Merchants close
??? PM    Dessert revel begins, dancing, bardic circle



Track One

Basic Naming Practices in the SCA: 11-12
The Renaissance Started Here: 12-1
Device Design 101: 1-2
Paint-making with Period Materials: 2-3
Care and Feeding of a Bardic Circle: 3-4
How to Play the Bones and the Bodhran: 4-5

Track Two

Middle Eastern Dance: Basics: 11-12:30
Building a Better Outfit Thru Research: 1-2
SCA Kitchen Management: 2:15-3:30
Middle Eastern Dance: Moving Beyond the Basics: 3:30-5

There will be informal European dance teaching in the Dance room from 1-4.


Basic Naming Practices in the SCA (Clarissa Wykeham)

General guidelines for finding and submitting your SCA name. Handouts are limited. Handout Fee - $.50

Building a Better Outfit Thru Research (Aelfwina of the Hawthorne Wood)

How to use various resources to research and construct a more period outfit. Which sources are good, which are not so good, and how to tell the difference! Limited to 12 people.

Care and Feeding of a Bardic Circle (Alexander de Seton)

How to set up and run a bardic circle at an event or in your home. A checklist and outline.

Device Design 101 (Clarissa Wykeham)

An examination of period practices and some guidelines to use in the SCA for designing your device or badge. Handouts are limited. Handout Fee - $.50

Field Cooking with the Great Dark Horde (Xzor and Tzaria)

This class has been cancelled.

How to Play the Bones and the Bodhran (Alexander de Seton)

Playing the one-handed frame drum...bring one or bring something like a pizza box (sans pizza) to practice upon. Playing the "bones." Bring them if you have them.

Middle Eastern Dance: Basics (Yasamin al-Hadiyya)

This is a beginning class in Middle Eastern dancing; prior experience is not required. Participants should come dressed to move. Limited to 12 people.

Middle Eastern Dance: Moving Beyond the Basics (Yasamin al-Hadiyya)

Are you a beginning dancer who's taken few SCA classes and practiced what you've learned, but wondering what's next? This class is for you! Actual content will vary based on mix of students present, but will not cover fundamentals. Students should be comfortable with basic isolations. Please come dressed to move. Limited to 12 people.

Paint-making with Period Materials (Ellen of the Scholars)

Demonstration of basic materials and techniques for mixing paints from period pigments. Covers some basic pigments, paint additives, how to test finished paint, water-based binders: gum arabic, egg tempera, glair, and parchment size. Handout Fee - $1

The Renaissance Started Here (Francesca Ambrogini di Firenza)

An overview of what was happening in Florence in the 15th century. I'll touch on politics, wars, commerce and culture. If time permits I'll cover how to spot a Florentine in garb. A class for people who want to consider an Italian personae or just want to boarden their view of Renaissance Europe. Handouts are limited.

SCA Kitchen Management (Annyse Lionstone)

This class assumes you know how to cook, how to decipher period recipes, and want to be the head chef at an event. This class teaches how to run your kitchen and crew so that feasts are completed on time, are sent to the tables hot, etc. This is for new chefs. Donation Requested for Handout



In addition to classes, there will be a garb-a-beastie competition. We will supply some beasties but we encourage people to bring their own favorite little creature or doll to garb. Fabric, trim, needles and thread will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you want! (This is an especially good idea if you have something particular in mind.)

The competition will be divided into two categories: one for children and one for everyone. Furthermore, the competition is limited to people actually on-site (no absentee entries!) No documentation is necessary - the competition is primarily for fun! - but period-style garb is preferred.

There will also be informal dancing in the afternoon, dancing in the evening, and a bardic circle in the evening for those (strange) gentles who do not dance.

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