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2005 - Festival of Maidens 32

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From The Internet Archive:


The sacrifices have been made to the gods of thunder and snow, so come ye Norsemen, ye skraelings, and the rest of the known world!

The Shire of Würm Wald presents

Festival of Maidens XXXII: Þorrablot II

January 22, 2005



Event Steward: Yana Groznaia
Reservations: Þorrablót II c/o Julie Watkins
Heavy Combat: Baron Carlo dalla Casa (Charlie Hughes)

Rapier Combat: Baron Philippe de Lyon (T.J. Harmon)
Youth Combat: James Douglas Eastland (James Holloway)
Children's Activities: The Household of de Gouden Bij
A&S Activities & Class Coordinator: Margarita Ivanovna Novgorodetsa (Shannon Anderson)

Merchant Steward: Fólki Rusli Þorgilsson (F. L. Watkins)

(Noted further down: Mistress Alphia is in charge of dancing)


Site Notes: Per policy, the dessert revel will be catered by the hotel, and a cash bar will be provided. There is no hotel live steel policy but matters of safety--especially in public areas--will be strictly enforced. The site is handicapped accessible. No outside alcohol is allowed in public areas.

Site and Theme

In the gloom and cold of winter, come gather together to celebrate the coming of the month of Þorri. Food is bountiful, the singing is sweet, the dancing delicious, the teaching most wise, and the fighting gallant. We also hope to have activities for the young, plenty of booths with honest traders, a bit of Brennivin (enough to wash down the hákarl), and a swim at midnight. Warm yourself in your neighbor's company as we seek to forget the woes of winter!

Chancellor Hotel & Convention Center
1501 S Neil St
(800) 257-6667
Site Opens 9 am - Site closes 12 midnight

Þorrablót is a celebration unique to the Icelandic culture. It began during Viking times, when people would celebrate the coming of a new month, called Þorri, which some associate with the heathen god Þórr. The event was celebrated after just after Þorri had begun (on a Friday between 19-25 January). But in 1000, when Iceland converted to Christianity, the public worship of Þórr was discouraged. It took over eight centuries for the celebration to publicly resurface in the Icelandic culture as a way to bring people together during the cold winter months.

Come join us for the usual mayhem and fun!



8:30 am -- Event Opens for Merchants
9:00 am -- Event Opens for General Public
9:30 am -- Youth Combat Activities Begin
10:00 am -- List tables open; authorizations & inspections begin
10:00 am -- Kids Room opens
10:30 am -- Lists open for authorizations
11:00 am -- Rapier Novice Tourney begins
11:00 am -- LUNCH begins
11:30 am -- Heavy Novice Tourney starts
12:00 noon -- Kids Room Closes for Lunch
12:00 noon -- Youth rapier begins
12:30 pm -- Heavy Tourney Begins
1:00 pm -- Rapier Round Robin Tourney begins
1:00 pm -- Kids' room Re-Opens
1:00 pm -- LUNCH ends
2:00 pm -- Afternoon Dance Practice Begins
4:00 pm -- Kids Room closes (please pick up your children promptly)
5:00 pm -- Daytime activities end
8:00 pm -- Ball, Dessert Revel & Bardic Circle Begin
11:00 pm -- Evening Activities end, Swimming pool opens
midnight -- Swimming Pool Closes


Activities, Events and Classes

Classes and Meetings (1 hour long, unless noted otherwise)
9:30 -- Japanese Tea Ceremony (Lady Margarita Ivanovna)
9:30 -- Medieval Horsemanship (Marina de Valencia)
10:30 -- Beginning Embroidery (Lady Françoise) (please bring your own hoop if possible)
10:30 -- Beginning Naalbinding (Lady Guiliana) Limit 6
11:30 -- Middle Eastern Dance (Lady Jale bint Amar)
11:30 -- Historic Rapier (Lord Mircea din Iasi)
12:30 -- How to fit a Shirt (Becky Parkhurst)
12:30 -- Intro to 12th century West European Clothing for Men and Women (Lady Marguerie de Jauncourt) Limit 15; 90 min.
2:00 -- Library Interest Group Meeting--Midrealm Library of Saint Catherine's
3:00 -- A Field Guide to the SCA Sumptuary Laws and Customs (Pani Alzbeta Michalik)
4:00 -- Chatelaine's Meeting

Children's Activities
The children's activities are to help educate and entertain the children attending. They are not a babysitting service for the guardians' convenience. It is strongly recommended that guardians who wish to have their children participate in children's activities read the Middle Kingdom Youth Policy before you bring your children to the children's room. The following are additional guidelines specifically for Maidens 32, 22 January 2005

  • The Children's Activities room will be CLOSED for lunch from Noon-1 pm. Children will need to be picked-up by their guardian at that time.
  • Guardians must remain in the activities room for children under 4 years old.
  • Guardians for children over 4 years old must personally check in on their children periodically. (Once an hour)
  • The Children's Activity room will close promptly at 4 pm. Children not retrieved will be handed over to the proper authorities
  • Coloring and general merriment will be available all day, but we've also scheduled some specific activites:

    10:00 am -- Puppet hour: Decorate your own stick puppet or have a puppet show with our fairyland puppets
    11:00 am -- Toddler Time: Coloring, storytime, and craft designed for the under five set; older kids welcome
    12 noon -- closed for lunch
    1:00 pm -- Movie time: Spend some relaxing time watching an animated classic and make a cardboard helm
    2:30 pm -- Heraldry: The educational portion of our program
    3:00 pm -- Teen Time: Activities and craft projects for the older kids

    Heavy Combat
    We will feature the traditional pool tourney. Fight until you drop! DUE TO SITE CONSTRAINTS GREAT WEAPONS AND SPEARS ARE LIMITED TO SIX FEET LONG

    Youth Combat
    Youth boffer will run from 9:30 am until dinner break. We may have a tourney with prizes or maybe it will be melees and fun fights all day! Please bring your own gear as we have very limited loaner gear. Please remember that parents must be present to sign children in. Contact with questions Lord James Douglas Eastland (johnna@sitka.engin.umich.edu). He will be away for the holidays, so don't expect replies between 12/18 and 12/31. Alexander de Seaton will be hosting a fencing tourney for youth.

    Ringmail Photo Contest
    Let it be known that Fólki Þorgilsson will be having a contest at Þorrablót II. All entries should be released for publication as a cover for an upcoming Ringmail. Copyright and all other rights, of course, remain with the photographer. We are looking for photographs--digital or film--that best capture the Original and Current Middle Ages. They may be in color or black-and-white, and they may be edited as the submitter sees fit. Original photographs are preferred, but edited clip art in the public domain are also acceptable. A special prize is offered by Fólki for the photo that most accurately depicts the Original Middle Ages; special points for entries with a Norse or Þorrablót theme. Hard copies (any size) are required; please attached a sase if you want the copy back. We would also appreciate a disk or CD of any digital submission; in that case, we will not need the hard copy. Those making submissions need not be present. Two volunteer judges are requested; Fólki will be the third judge. Entries shall be judged on composition, appearance, quality and attractiveness.

    Riddle Quest
    There are several Riddlemasters around the event, designated by golden amulet carved with a futhark character. When you sign up, you will be given a length of cord. When you seek out a Riddlemaster, ask that they give you a riddle. If you get a riddle right, you will be given a bead to place on your cord. At 5 pm, all who have participated in the Quest shall present their beads to the troll. The quester with the most beads will be proclaimed the winner and be given a prize. In the case of a tie, runes shall be cast and a victor chosen. Only one bead may be given per participant by each Riddlemaster, but one may try as many answers are needed to get the riddle right. Please sign up at Troll when you arrive.

    Arts & Sciences Fair
    We will be having an informal fair for you to enter your Medieval projects and presentations. Please fill out an entry form at the Fair table and post it with your item(s) and any documentation. Entries will be judged by the populace and at 4 pm, votes will be counted and the winner will receive a prize. Please come to the A&S Table when you arrive for more details.

    The "Real Vikings Dance! Two" Ball with live music by Musica Subterranea and Friends! Plus afternoon dancing, taught by Baroness Alphia Biraz-Pars.



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