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2006 - Festival of Maidens 33

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From The Internet Archive:



Event Steward: Fólki Rusli Þorgilsson (F. L. Watkins)

Reservations: Attack of the Auk c/o Julie Watkins

 Technical Assistant: Opus of Bloom

Heavy Combat: Baron Carlo dalla Casa (Charlie Hughes)

Rapier Combat: Baron Philippe de Lyon (T.J. Harmon)

Youth Combat: James Douglas Eastland (James Holloway)

Children’s Activities:

A&S Activities & Class Coordinator: Milly of Würm Wald (Emily Cogan)

Research: William the Chilly

Dance: Baroness Alphia Birazx-Pars (Alice Buzzard)

Royalty Liaison: Baroness Meriel of Blackwoode (Jeri Matteson-Hughes)

Contests: Yana Groznaia (Jennifer Miller)

Bardic Circle: Warder Maire ingen Dauith,

Merchant Steward: Fólki Rusli Þorgilsson (F. L. Watkins)


Theme Description

Before the discovery of the Penguin of the Southern Hemisphere, a plump, flightless black and white bird of the Northen Hemisphere, The Great Auk, was known as a Penguin. It was well known in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Britain and Scandinavia, and it migrated as far south as Florida and Spain. The plump, flightless, black-and-white bird discovered in the Southern Hemisphere was called Penguin because it reminded the sailors of its northern brethren. The Great Auk was a source of food, of oil and of eggs. After relentless hunting, Great Auks became rarer and rarer. The last pair of Great Auks were killed in June 1844 just north of Iceland, and the species became extinct.

Now the Great Auk is back. And Boy, Is He Pissed!


(Archivist's note: The actual title was lost in a graphic not captured by the Internet Archive. Always make your graphics accessible with alt text!)


Site: Historic Lincoln Hotel

We are pleased this year to hold Maidens at the Historic Lincoln Hotel in Urbana, Illinois. The former Jumer Castle Lodge was built in 1924 as the Urbana-Lincoln Hotel and has been a local landmark since its opening. Within the last two years, it was sold to become the Historic Lincoln Hotel. The hotel has been renovated, modernized and refurbished, according to the original architectural drawings. The Tudor-style building is furnished with furniture, statuary, art, armor and other decorations that were custom designed or purchased in Europe, and the wooden beamed and buttressed ceiling of the original hotel was saved and Jumer craftsmen duplicated portions for the new lobby. The hotel has a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant.

Double occupancy is $75; two beds is $80; Lofts are $130, Suites are $140, and Fireplace Suites are $150. For reservations, call 217-384-8800. The SCA room bloc has ended. However, the Hotel assures us that every effort will be made to obtain rooms for all Scadians, although these rooms may not be near the SCA bloc.

Notes: Due to hotel policy, the dessert revel will be catered by the hotel, and a cash bar will be available. There is no hotel live steel policy but matters of safety—especially in public areas—will be strictly enforced. All public areas are handicapped accessible. No outside alcohol is allowed in public areas. This is a pet-friendly hotel, but pets will not be permitted in event areas. Lincoln Square is smoke free, and HLH is smoke-free except in certain areas. All children below the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when walking in the hallways; children found unattended shall be held in a time-out corner. All personal space in the Commons is, of course, dependent upon the space available; please do not take more space than you need, and do not be offended if a member of the staff asks you to tighten your area. Parking for unloading is at northern entrance. Only vendors may use the entrance from 8 am to 9 am, and their parking is limited to 15 minutes; after 9 am, unloading is limited to 10 minutes.



All times are Central Standard Time


18:00 am       Event Opens for Merchants

19:00 am       Event Opens for General Public; Fencing Authorizations and Inspections Begin.

19:30 am       Youth Boffer Begins

10:00 am       Heavy List Tables Open; Heavy Authorizations & Inspections Begin; Novice Fencing Tournament 

                      (Afternoon Fencing Tournament Will Begin after Lunch Break)

10:30 am       Heavy Lists Open for Authorizations

11:30 am       Heavy Novice Tourney Begins

12:30 pm       Heavy Tourney Begins

15:00 pm       Daytime Activities End

18:00 pm       Ball, Dessert Revel & Bardic Circle Begin

11:00 pm       Activities end; swimming pool opens up

midnight         Swimming Pool closes


Court will be at Their Majesties’ Convenience


Classes and Events

A&S Competition

We welcome the coming of our avian overlords! But we do feel that they need to relax a bit (Always dressed so formally. It really cuts down on your social life when your only outfit is a tuxedo). Now here is your chance to improve their social life! They merely need to dress in a more stylish, less formal manner. A limited number of auks (well, penguins, really) will be available at the troll booth for the cost of a donation to the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. Only materials available at the A&S table will be allowed, and all sewing must be done on site at the event itself. At 4:00, a crack team of Auk Attire Authorities will examine the results, and winners will be announced at the dessert revel in the evening. A prize will be given in the Under 13 division, and another will be given in the 13 and older division. By entering, you are giving permission for photographs of your entry to appear on the Würm Wald web page.

And we'd like to welcome back the re-addition of a second contest, Best Auk (or penguin) in Any Medium. No rules, just show us what you can do!



A Field Guide to the SCA -- Alzbeta Michalik

Learn to identify people's rank by items they are wearing, plus how to address them properly.  During the first part of the class, we will cover the sumptuary customs (what the hats and belts mean) of the SCA and Middle Kingdom.  During the second part, we'll go on "safari", searching the event for the different "species" we have just learned about. This class is accredited with the Middle Kingdom Page School.  You must attend the full hour to get credit. The class is limited to 20 youth participants, aged 12 and older.  There will be a sign up sheet at Troll.  Adults may also attend if they wish.  A limited number of copies of the handout will be available for a $2 donation, or can be sent digitally for free.


The Essentials Or Cookery Texts a Reader Must Know About -- Johnnae llyn Lewis

Tournaments Illuminated number 156 for Fall 2005 features an extensive article by former Würm Waldian Johnnae llyn Lewis. The article details which in-print cookbooks are more or less appropriate for Society occasions. This is an opportunity to meet the author and view all the books in person. Please bring along your culinary and cookbook questions.


Old French -- Eithne ni cheallaigh Thirchonaill


Lucets: Tie that Penguin Down -- Keina ferch Sîon


Elizabethan Working Women's Clothing -- Serafina Sinclair

Students will learn how to look like they've stepped from 16th century paintings. No limit--$2 handout fee


Creating 16th Century Ruffs -- Serafina Sinclair

Limit 10--$5 materials fee (unlimited to audit) Students will learn how easy it is to make ruffs to help complete their late 16th century look


Big Calligraphy or How to be fearless with paint! -- Kytte Wynpeny

It's really more of an activity than a formal calligraphy class, but it's fun and anyone can do it. The under 10 set will need some parental supervision, though.


So you Want to Be a Harper -- Niamh inghean Lachlainn

A primer on looking for and buying your first harp. No reservation needed. No cost.


Dark Age Reenacting -- Fólki Rusli Þorgilsson

A round table discussion of serious Dark Age reenactment, concentrating on British and Norse living history for the century prior to the Conquest. We hope to have representatives from the Vikings as well as Regia Anglorum. Matters discussed will include costume, fighting, accuracy regs and documentation.

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