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2009 - Festival of Maidens 36

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From  The Internet Archive:


Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina (Anne McKinney)

Troll Coordinator
Emma de Lyons (Ann Mestern)
Website / Schedule / Merchant Liason
Grisha Razumni

Royalty Liason
Antoinette Rose (Mary)
Herald's Point
Bran Chandler (B.A. Davis-Howe)

Marshal / List Fields
Aleator (Chuck Ehlschlaeger)

A&S Classes / Craftsman's Faire
Kathryn (Carol Clark)
Jenna Mortensen (deputy)



Theme: More Maidens For Your Money

The 36th Annual Festival of Maidens will take place on January 31st, 2009
Hosted by the Shire of Wurm Wald,
It will be held in the Illini Union Hotel
1401 West Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Site tokens: Cast pewter coins





The Festival of Maidens will feature the following scheduled activities:
(for specific times consult the schedule)

Armored and rapier combat
A dance ball
A craftsman's fair
A Costume Contest will be held during the event!
It's a celebration of medieval women: dress as your favorite maiden (or other female) from medieval literature or history (or herstory, if you prefer). Prizes will be awarded for best representation of a specific medieval woman, most authentic costume, and best comic relief entry. The three winners will be determined during the evening ball. Men are also encouraged to participate!

Craftsman's fair information:
The Craftsman's Fair is an excellent opportunity to explore areas of A&S about which you might be curious, and to see lovely creations from talented artisans. Feel free to ask questions! Explore the process of fabric creation, from raw wool fleece through the stages of combing, spinning, and weaving. See the fine weaving that can be used to make delicate and beautiful trims, and the embroidery used to ornament so much fine clothing. Drop by and talk to the cordwainer (shoemaker) as she drafts 16th Century Elizabethan shoe patterns in the Spanish style. Look at colorful lampwork beads, and learn about the techniques used to create them.  Come see the tools of all of these trades, as well as photos of extant period garments! Also, please help us solve some "history mysteries"-- works from the history of Würm Wald by artisans currently unknown to us.Class Information:

Newcomer's Q&A Session - Lady Kathrin of Würm Wald
New to the SCA? Bring your questions and curiousity about the Society to this informal discussion session.

Why We Fight - Kai and Cecil
The focus of this discussion is on the reasons that SCAdians participate in combat arts. The basic premise of this is that while combat is an inherently competitive art, there are good and bad reasons to step out on the list field. These reasons influence our conduct and can contribute to a good or bad experience for all participants.

Field Guide to the SCA - Baronowa Alzbeta of Illiton
We'll spend the first 30 minutes going over the sumptuary customs of the Middle Kingdom (what the hats and belts mean).  The second half of the class, we'll go on "safari", identifying people's ranks by what we've learned.  This class is accredited with the Page School. Adults and children 9 and older are welcome to attend.  Children 8 and under must attend with parent or guardian.  Optional $2 fee for handout.

Making Herbal Vinegars - Sally
This class will discuss the history and usage of herbal vinegars, as well as allow participants to make their own herbed vinegar to take home. Please bring a clean glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid if you are able; some will be available. There will be a $4 fee for materials.  

Middle Eastern Dance with Props - Mistress Alphia
Review of different props often used with Middle Eastern Dance ie: Veil, Candle, Cane, Sword.  If you have your own props please bring them.  If not the teacher will provide some for use during the class.

Courtly Love and its Dangers - Lord Siegfried Berg
This class discusses medieval ideas and practices of love, marriage, and sexuality. Because there is some discussion of sexual practices I rate this class as PG-13. This class is about the perils that may befall a man who partakes of the joys of courtly love. The joys can be great indeed, for we shall see also examples of great pleasures and desires fulfilled, but there is always a price to pay. We shall examine three period examples: Lancelot or the knight of the cart, Heloise and Abelard, and Burnt Njal’s saga. From the first, we shall see what the ideal of the contemporary fiction and literature was. From the second, we shall see how an actual period relationship evolved. Finally, from the third, although we learn nothing of courtly love because it is a Norse, pre courtly love era example I find it really interesting what happens to Halgerda and her husbands.

A Gothic Hand in 3 Strokes of the Pen - THL Wilhelm Michalik
Think you can't do calligraphy? Come see how easy it can be! Please bring a pen if you have one; some will be available to borrow.

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving - Mistress Branwen Scholastica
This is a great class for people who have a loom and cards but aren't sure what to try next. The design can be as simple as alternating rows of two colors, or a first-step shaped design of a diamond.

The Hunt for the Wild Audience, aka Street Performance in the SCA - Honorable Lord Kuji Kaoni MusashiThis class will cover busking (street performance)-- what it is and how to do it. It looks at busking in period and in the SCA. You will learn skills like gathering a crowd, audience control, and how to deal with hecklers.

Dance Ball Prep - Mistress Alphia
Need to learn or review dance steps before the ball this evening? Ball Prep will run from 1-4pm.

Tournament Involvement for Non-Combatants - Baronowa Alzbeta of Illiton
We'll go over ways that non-combatants can participate in Heavy Tournaments.  The Gallery is essential to period tournaments.  Be more than just a spectator!

From Descant to Treble: Making the switch to the Alto Recorder - Lady Kathrin of Würm Wald
This class is aimed at those who are proficient on Soprano recorder and are interested in learning to play Alto and other recorders in F. A limited number of instruments will be available to borrow, but please bring an Alto if you have one.

14th-Century One-piece Braies -  Don Pedro Francisco Allejandro d'Espagne
Learn to make your very own Medieval underwear with this simple pattern!

Introduction to Pattern Drafting with the Sartor System: Making a Basic Body Block -  Don Pedro Francisco Allejandro d'Espagne
Drafting your own clothing patterns is not as difficult at it sounds! Learn about the Sartor system, and how to use it for beautiful, custom-fitting clothing.

Basic Embroidery -  Lady Julianna de Pardieu
This is an introduction to embroidery for those interested in learning a few basic stitches and attempting a small project. Supplies for up to 12 participants will be available for a small fee, or bring your own supplies if you have them.

Dance Band Rehearsal - Musica Subterranea
Interested in sitting in with Musica Subterranea to play for the dance ball tonight? Bring your instruments and your talent to this afternoon rehearsal.

A&S 50 Session - Lady Verena Entenwirt
Information about the A&S 50 Challenge, and a meet & greet for its members. The A&S 50 Challenge involves doing 50 things in the Arts and Sciences between May 1st AS 42/2007 and May 1st AS 50/2015, in honor of the SCA's 50th Birthday. All are welcomed, and new people are encouraged to come ask questions.




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