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2011 - Festival of Maidens 38

Page history last edited by Lynette 6 years, 9 months ago


Seven Maidens for Seven Dragons

Tokens: Dowel rod wax seals



Event Steward

Lady Emma de Lyons


Deputy Event Steward

Lady Roana Aldinoch


A&S Classes

Lady Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina


A&S Competition

Lord Orry Guerin

Lord Philippe de Lyon


History Quiz Coordinator

Lady Roana Aldinoch


Heavy Combat & Rapier



Thomas Ayelward



Lady Tomaris Kapalomeni


Herald's Point

Lord Bran Chandler


Information/Welcome Table

Ursul Wilhelm (Misty Martin)


Merchant Coordinator

Ursul Wilhelm (Misty Martin)


Royalty Liaison

Lady Embra Shadlock (Audra Martin)


Dessert Revel

Lord Bran Chandler


Parking & Greeter Organizer

Lord Eadric the Smith


Fighter Water & Pickle Table

Marcus Ulpius Durio (Andrew Capillo)


Musica Subteranea Liaison

Roana Aldinoch


Dance Mistress Liaison

Lord Bran Chandler


Children's Room

Lady Anna Rakel Saxi



Kurt Willer =Kenneth MacDonald


Sunday Activities Organizer

Lady Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina


"Plan B" Coordinator

Lady Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina


Program, schedule, etc

Does anyone have records from this?

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