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2012 - Festival of Maidens 39

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Theme: 1001 Arabian Maidens

Acting Event Steward

Lady Roana Aldinoch


Deputy Event Stewards

Lady Tomaris Kapalomeni

THL Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina


A&S Classes

THL Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina


A&S Competition

Lord Orry Guerin


Heavy Combat & Rapier



Herald's Point


Volunteer Organizer


Information/Welcome Table



Merchant Coordinator

Lady Ursul Wilhelm

THL Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh


Royalty Liaison

THL Sofya Chyudskya Smolyanina



Tamilia of Wurmwald


Parking & Greeter Organizer


Musica Subteranea Liaison


Dance Mistress Liaison



Children's Room

Lady Anna Rakel Saxi



Sunday Activities Organizer


"Plan B" Coordinator



Unspoken for Heroes


Lord Bran Chandler

Ursul Wilhelm (Misty Martin)

Lord Eadric the Smith

Marcus Ulpius Durio (Andrew Capillo)

Kurt Willer =Kenneth MacDonald


Program book

(NB: does anyone have a PDF?)



11:00 Event Tour for Newcomers: Are you new to the SCA? Do you wonder what is happening at SCA events? Join Baronowa Alzbeta Michalik for a tour of this event and learn more about some of the people, activities, and customs you will encounter at Festival of Maidens. Children 8 and younger must be accompanied by parent or guardian. This class will meet near the Troll area.


11:00 Pins and Needles: Study and construction of period pins and needles. Overview of the extant examples and the construction of period pins and needles as well as hands on practice creating a period item. Limit 6 for hands-on participation (sign up at troll); no limit for observers. Participants must me 18 or attend with a supervising adult. In lieu of a fee for handouts and materials, the instructor asks only for small token. The contributor of the most interesting token will receive a “prize” and the appreciation of the instructor. Lord Ercc Glaison


11:00 Feast Organization: We will cover a myriad of topics including sizing, pricing, recipes and leftovers. Lady Valeria Contadina


12:00 Research 101- Intro to Research: An introductory class on how easy (and fun) research can be. Class includes an example* flowchart of how you can easily research any topic. If you need help with basic research on a topic, you can email it ahead of time to verena@aandsjunkie.com, and research ideas will be discussed during the class. Verena Entenwirt


12:00 Feast Stewards' Round: A round table discussion about what's involved in the process of cooking and preparing a feast, what are the most common pitfalls, what you would do differently, and what your first feast was like. Wulfwen Atte Belle, facilitator


1:00 Field Guide to the SCA: During the first half of this class we will discuss the sumptuary customs of the SCA and Middle Kingdom (what the fancy hats and belts mean).  The second half of the class we will go out on "safari", identifying different examples of the various ranks and learning just what it means to hold those ranks. 1 hour.  Children 8 and younger must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Optional $2 fee for handout. Baronowa Alzbeta Michalik


1:00 Research 104- Research for A&S Competitions:  A class for anyone who is entering any type of A&S competition, or has questions about researching & documentation for a competition. Covers when to research, sources, journaling, where to find criteria and putting it all together. Email your entry description to verena@aandsjunkie.com to have specific criteria and information available during the class. Verena Entenwirt


(Needs Projector/computer; email Roana) 1:00 The Design of Medieval and Renaissance Pavilions: This class will survey many existing paintings, manuscripts and other images to attempt to come to some conclusions about what styles of tents and pavilions were actually used in the late medieval and Renaissance time period.  It will analyze what support structures may have been used, as well as how they may have been decorated. There will also be some discussion as to how these findings can be applied to building your own pavilion, incorporating the experience of the presenter’s own pavilion-making adventure. Lady Philippa Montague


2:00 What to Expect at the A&S Faire: Thinking of entering or judging at the MidRealm A&S Faire? There have been a few recent changes, including a new emphasis on face-to-face judging and a new system to register to enter or judge. Entrants and judges from last season's faires are encouraged to come and share their experiences. Carole Stasi McCallister


2:00 Mini Marshmallow Crossbow Class and Practice for Youth Combatants: This class will be open first to those youth participating in the youth combat program. We will be discussing use of the crossbow in Arabian culture, and also making and practicing with mini marshmallow crossbows! Class Limit: 10 (or more if there are more than 10 youth combatants) Lady Róis alann inghean Uí fhlaithbheartaigh


2:00 Leatherworkers' Round: A round table discussion and meet and greet for all leather workers throughout the Kingdom. Come share tips, ask questions, show and tell, and discuss a group project. Lady Verena Entenwirt, facilitator


2:00 - 4:00 Afternoon Dance Classes: There is no formal structure to these classes. Bring a partner, show up and find one, or find yourself pulled into a dance lesson. The dances to be taught will depend upon the interests of Mistress Alphia and whomever makes a request, and whichever songs may be summoned from the magical music box. Mistress Alphia



3:00 Basic Metalsmithing Techniques: Making a bronze stamped pendant. Limited to 8 participants (sign up at Troll), but more are able to watch (20 handouts available). Age limit 16 and older. Lord Gunnar Alfjot


 3:00 Kingdom Brewers' Round: All brewer's throughout the Middle Kingdom are invited to share recipes, tips, ask questions about techniques, as well as a possible 2012 brewing schedule. Dry site, so please leave your samples at home.  Lady Verena Entenwirt, facilitator


4:00 A&S 50 Meet & Greet: The A&S 50 Challenge involves doing 50 things in the Arts and Sciences between May 1st AS 42/2007 and May 1st AS 50/2015, in honor of the SCA's 50th Birthday. Meet with fellow kingdom artisans participating in the A&S 50 project, or come and learn about how you can start your own challenge. Lady Verena Entenwirt, facilitator


Bead Rescue Project

This is a way to share the beads, and also information about them. Beads are "released" or put out like on a wall, or chair, and left to be found by someone. Bring that bead to the project table to get a card with more info about the bead, (when it would have been worn, by whom, when, etc.).  Cords will be available to string the "found" beads. You can even get your picture taken to put up on the project website! The Bead Rescue Project is on the web at http://beadrescue.com and also http://facebook.com/TheBeadRescueProject.


Call for Instructors


Greetings to you all!

As we move into the winter months, many of us are settling in with our
grab-bag of arts & sciences projects. While you do so, consider taking
an hour to teach others your favorite work. I am hoping to secure 20+
classes and/or round tables for the Festival of Maidens being held the
weekend of January 28th in the Shire of Wurmwald. The theme is 1001
Arabian Maidens in deference to our crusading Prince, so a preference
will be given to those teaching 12th century and/or Arabic classes
should we be overflowing with options, but any and all are welcome.

In addition, we will once again be having our Mock A&S Competition!
For those who don't know, we have sponsored a mock competition for
those getting ready for the Spring A&S Competition circuit. It's a
great way to have your items and documentation gone over by talented
judges before the actual competitions start. You'll have time to make
changes as well as learn some valuable information about how the
judging process works. Volunteers to act as mock judges are greatly

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to
volunteer. Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Yours in Eternal Service to the Crown and Kingdom,
Lady Roana Aldinoch



(Is this posted anywhere?)



(No notes in wiki - does anyone have Tomaris' notes?)




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