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June 2013 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Roana Aldinoch 9 years, 11 months ago

Agenda items for the June Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal
      • Site insurance info from Marie
        • “If youths overnight are involved, CGL insurance must include Sexual Abuse & Molestation coverage.”
        • If a site requires this DO NOT use the site.   We cannot and will not do this EVER. 
      • Pennsic info from Pennsic Mayor 
      • Stepping down in two months
        • Talked to Nigel; he's still planning to step up but concerns about his being gone
        • Tricia of Wurmwald volunteered to step in as Deputy with intent to be Seneschal when I step down 
          • Will ask Nigel to remain as Deputy 
        • Last day as Seneschal will be September 1, 2013
      • Award - 
        • Cindy of Wurmwald - AoA 
    • Exchequer 
      • Things balance!
      • Check book $3892.81
        • Statement - $5062.63
        • Outstanding checks accounted for
      • RSO account - $ $1299.19
    • Martial
      • No heavy/rapier fighting at the moment
        • New heavy fighter moving to town
        • Possibility of traveling elsewhere for heavy practice
        • Willing to have practices if people want them; contact Aleator 
      • Archery/Thrown Weapons
        • Practices have been happening
        • Thrown weapons sparsely attended
          • Time change for thrown weapon - 6:30 - 7:30
        • Archery
          • 3-5 people at practices 
    • A&S
      • Going well!
      • Banners in progress
        • Must find red and black
        • Aleator looking again
        • Monday at Dena's at 6:00
      • Turnshoes!
        • Need to replace book
        • Won't happen before Pennsic
      • Kingdom A&S
        • Three people entered - everyone got 1s
        • Great feedback, inspiration, and ideas 
    • Pursuivant 
      • Not in attendance
      • Heraldry books in hand - need a home
      • Hrefna voted in as deputy 
    • Webminster
      • All Wordpress websites login passwords changed
      • Progress on learning webthings
      • Google doc of web presences updated
      • Calendars updated 
      • Meeting for all those who can help with Web presences on July 11 @ 8:00 (post business meeting) 
  • Old Business 
    • Officers needed  
      • Tricia of Wurmwald - Deputy Seneschal
      • Reyni-Hrefna - Deputy Pursuivant
      • Lynette de Warrenne - Deputy Chatelaine
      • Still need - RSO Treasurer - Dena Strong? 
    • Pay Lynette for silk painting stuff - Done
    • Happy birthday, Cindy, Tricia, and Genevieve! 
      • Ice cream after meeting! 
  • New Business  
    • Recruiting for group
      • Posters
        • game stores
        • Spurlock
        • R'entertainment 
        • Metagamers website 
      • Quad Day
        • Good for Freshman/Sophomores who are already overwhelmed
        • Fighters show up off-center
        • Hrefna's pavilion available
        • Period tables and chairs available
        • Aleator, Lynette, Hrefna, Cindy
      • Demos
        • July - Rantoul Library help
        • Specialists Demos
          • Theater Arts Department
          • History Department
          • Literature
          • GSLIS 
      • Hobbit coming out
        • Table at midnight movie
        • Handouts
      • Flyers to other re-enactment groups 
      • Champaign-Urbana Wiki 
  • Maidens 
    • Feast bid - Hrefna
      • Worth investing in feast
        • Consider allowing it to go over budget if covered by event will be in black
        • Budget passed 
      • Need to advertise!!! 
    • Event bid
      • Ursul - Event Steward
      • Need Deputy Event Steward 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  



Ongoing projects 



Future shire events on the horizon



Past shire event history




Illini Union Space Request Form (or pdf file here)

Midlands Meeting Notes Form by Caitriona


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