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March 2013 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 10 years, 8 months ago
  • Introductions in case of any newcomers:
  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal
      • We're here and we have cool people doing cool stuff.  
      • Roana put her name out there as Deputy Regional Seneschal, so we may need a new Seneschal when/if this happens.  She doesn't have the details yet.
      • Always need more officers.  Many deputy positions are open, which is a great way to learn about various offices.  Any office except seneschal (and chronicler) needs a deputy.  
      • It is now up to the Kingdoms whether same sex partners can compete for each other in Crown Tourney.  5 Kingdoms have allowed it.  Middle Kingdom says it's at the discretion at the sitting royals.  TRH's have made no comment, but by making no comment they have indicated that gender is irrelevant.  The prince and princess feel it's a non-issue.  Royals have always had a right to deny people fighting for any consort, so this is really no different.  
    • Exchequer :
      • working on Maidens report.  Gross aggregate $3382.  Expenses calculated so far: $1140.99. 
      • Need someone to be treasurer with RSO.  If you have university email address and an interest, please volunteer.  
      • $453.76 received from Kingdom, what to do with it? 
        • give it back to the Kingdom to help with 50th anniversary?
        • replace Shire property?
          • Moved that we donate $500 from general fund to Kingdom.  Seconded and approved.  
    • Martial
      • No one's been showing up to fighter practice.  If people are interested talk to Aleator.
      • Planning to have regular archery practices.  Can use Aleator's place if the weather's nice.  Also an indoor 20 yard range in town.  $5/hour to shoot there if you have your own equipment.  Shire has 2 loaner bows, one needs a new string.  Might have practices on the "off" Thursdays.  
      • Thrown weapons can't be done at the range.  Will have to be done at combat practice or in someone's back yard.  Hoping to purchase two pairs of loaner axes, at about $120 total.  So moved, seconded, and approved.  
    • A&S
      • We rock at Arts and Sciences!  3 entrants at regional A&S.  Hrefna (tablet weaving), Sofya (costume accessories) both received first places.  Lynette is regional A&S champion!  Congrats to her.  Fair was well-attended by Shire folk.  Much appreciated. 
      • Need to schedule next Shoe the Shire project date.  Need to cut leather, so best done at Sofya's house.  
      • Lynette is starting a silk banner project and planning an order to a silk company.  Goal to have 1-2 Shire banners, 1 Kingdom and one Midlands.  If you want to buy silk, talk to her!
      • A lot of people are doing really cool stuff.  If you are working on something, tell Sofya so she can submit it in her next report.  
        • Genevieve made cherry meade, several people working on garb and lace
      • Roana is planning a parchment order.  If interested in ordering some, talk to her.  
      • Hrefna ordering from Panther Primitives (they make tents and camping gear), if interested talk to her.
    • Pursuivant 
      • Needs to file her report and make sure Hrefna's names and awards get entered. 
      • if anyone needs to do any research or submission paperwork come to Tomaris and she'll help you out
    • Chronicler
      • is taking these notes right now.   
  • Old Business
    • None
  • New Business
    • We have an odd collection of cooking and serving equipment.  Perhaps we should invest in a set serving dishes and utensils.  Not sure yet how much this will cost.  Tricia will look into this and coordinate with Genevieve. Should have estimate prior to next business meeting. 
  • Maidens 
    • January 24-26, Maidens 2014.  If you want to autocrat or feastocrat, please submit your bid at the next business meeting
    • Union has been reserved. 
    • If you're not up to autocrating, you can be a deputy autocrat.  
    • We probably made money on Maidens 2013.  We broke even on Feast.  We still have to pay for the room.  If you have receipts from Maidens 2013, please turn them in.  


  • Nearby upcoming events:
    • Rogue's Day in Chatham IL this weekend.  Roana is daytripping and has room for two. 
    • Rites of Spring next weekend (April 6) in Peoria (Illiton)- Please volunteer!!  Illiton saved us during Maidens and they need help across various areas.  Good feast.  TRHs will be there, but no court
    • Carnivale the following weekend near Chicago
    • Then Crystal Chamfron the following weekend, which is an equestrian event in Shattered Crystal near St. Louis.  There is a scribal event this same weekend.  If you're going to this one, you could probably get a ride with Roana.  
    • April 26 - The Awakening in Bloomington
    • Then Coronation in Chicago, May 5
    • Then there might be a break! May Day outing at Aleator's
    • Kingdom A&S over Memorial Day weekend. 

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