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Reyni Hrefna

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Hrefna is a housekeeper and farm-wife in Iceland. Her husband is rarely, if ever (have you ever?) seen, and is off viking somewhere. That must be where she gets all her pretties . . .

Jennifer Johnson

is interested in
Sewing - Period hand sewing, pattern drafting, period fabrics.
Fiber - Card weaving, braiding, spinning, weaving.
Fire - Glass bead making, pewter casting, pottery.
Cooking - Redacting, creating, researching. Period cooking techniques. Feast cookery. Archeological cooking. Subtleties. Eating. Medieval science of food.
Brewing - Mead, Kumiss
Alchemy - Herbology, alchemy, brewing, distilling
Viking - Culture, and pretty much everything.
Research - Anything and everything.
Archery - Viking and mongolian.
Thrown Weapons - mmm, axes


Award of Arms 06/07/08 (Æthelmearc)
Companion of the Sycamore 06/07/08 (Æthelmearc AoA level A&S)
Companion of the Keystone 06/19/10 (Æthelmearc AoA level service)
Sigil of Æthelmearc 09/11/10 (Æthelmearc, service to the crown)

Order of the Willow 01/25/2014 (Middle, AoA level A&S)

Order of the Evergreen 11/08/2014 (Middle, GoA level A&S)


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