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Lynette de Warenne

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About Lynette

With a thirteenth century Welsh persona, "who are you?" would have received several different responses depending on which language the question was spoken (or written) in.


To Welsh speakers, it would have been Eiluned ferch Gydda; in the books left by the Norman French chroniclers, it would have been Lynette de Warenne. To the monks speaking medieval Latin, it would probably have been something along the lines of Elineda. To an invading Englishman marching against Llywelyn Fawr's last stronghold, it might well have been "none of your business!"


The modern person behind the persona has been known to speak all four of those languages (as well as three others) with varying degrees of fluency (and sometimes lots of hand gestures). 


She's still extremely startled to have become the Midlands regional A&S Champion at the first A&S faire she entered.


You might spot her with any (or several) of the following projects in hand:

  • Collecting yet more languages (including several computer ones)
  • Period garb, footwear, headwear, utensils, and/or food
  • Scribal projects on either paper or pixels
  • Music with or without instruments
  • Boooooooks. Allll the booooooooks. (MLIS degree too.)


Arts and sciences link reference collection

  • Shire Books (including our LibraryThing)
  • Tablet Weaving notes page
  • Silk Dyeing notes page
  • Kumihimo and trollen braiding notes page
  • Scribal Arts (including company colorfastness info and homemade colorfastness research)
  • Zotero (fantastic browser plugin for capturing web research into your own online 'library' collection) 
  • Lynette's A&S documentation by year, shared on Google Drive
    • Rough index:
    • 2013:
      Norse woman's gown
      Norse woman's hangerock
      Heian era kariginu
      (Also began as group chatelaine / new members officer)
    • 2014:
      Research paper on gouache lightfastness
      Norse woman's caftan
      Posaments from Birka
      Sunshine cordial based on tuaca
      Christmas carol cordial based on figgy pudding and rosa solis
      The Pearl embroidery from Shattered Crystal's 30th anniversary fighters-and-A&S competition
      16-strand kara uchi gumi yama-no-michi kumihimo
    • 2015:
      Lots of dye research and sample-making, in preparation for...
    • 2016:
      Running the Dye and Domestic Arts Tent at A&S 50 Year
      Minister of Arts and Sciences for several months
      Inaugurating the Meetup group and weekly newsletter outreach methods 
    • 2017: 
      (Pretty swamped by new graduate degree and 7 conferences on 2 continents between May and November, but still picked up some more miscellaneous arts and taught them along the line. I took a TON of photos in Tokyo and Kyoto historic sites and museums if anyone is looking for reference though!) 
  •  Other A & S stuff I've picked up but not converted into a full project with documentation yet:
    •  Dyeing and mordanting - Gulf Wars 2014
    •  Basic bead, pin, and ring making - Various including For Hands
    •  3D printing as an original for cuttlefish, plaster, soapstone, or epoxy pewter casting - For Hands 2014
    •  Plique a jour glass enameling - For Hands 2014
    • Lots of brewing classes in combination with the Makerspace
    • Glass lampwork bead classes in combination with Rois and the Makerspace 
    • Gothic fitted dress class workshop team - 2015ish? 
    • Making gouache and shell gold - Scribing and Imbibing 2017
    • German brick stitch embroidery - fall 2017 


Photos of many of the above

Most of my project photos go in my Facebook photo albums - dyes in various stages, knotwork being figured out, brews on the boil, glass and fire, lots of stuff in progress.




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Comments (4)

Anne McKinney said

at 12:25 pm on May 3, 2013

You have been doing a lot of truly awesome things lately. Keep it up! :-)

Kari Little-McKinney said

at 1:29 pm on May 12, 2017

I know you have more! 2015? 2016?

Lynette said

at 4:19 pm on May 12, 2017

(sweatdrop) I'm sorry, I have not got the spoons to update this right now, or even this month - I'm finishing up a final project for a graduate certification this weekend, helping run a 3-day-long 30,000-person convention next weekend, helping my housemate move out the following weekend, running another 500-person convention the week after that, and I haven't even looked at June yet. XD Can this wait until I have a breather? Or is something urgent?

Lynette said

at 3:04 pm on Dec 31, 2017

Looks like comments don't like HTML, oops. XD I've got something kind of class-resume-ish over here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dY-_jfus8FWHu3EX0WLtC7oCwDymHX-jptjXTrsEToo (Sorry it was 6 months later! It's been a crazy year.)
ETA: And I borked the link, whoops. Take 3?

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