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July 2012 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 11 years, 5 months ago

 Agenda items for the July meeting (7/12)


  • Introductions in case of any newcomers
    • Welcome to Brian, Justin, and Dan from Monticello!
  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal
      • We have a new Chatelaine! Rose has been unanimously voted in and accepted. And, she has ideas!
    • Exchequer
      • we have $175.16 less than last time because of writing a future check to Sofya
      • Still need to change names on the bank account
    • MoAS
      • Aleator added a recipe to his anglo-saxon cookbook
      • Genevieve added stones to her Rajastani costume, still needs pearls
      • Sofya made a rubakha (chemise)
      • This month's challenege: fix something! Roana wants clothing help
      • Amanda is adding gores to a tunic-y thing
    • Chatelaine
      • Welcome our new Chatelaine, Rosalia! 
      • Thinking about making business cards for the SCA
    • Marshal
      • irregular practices in Danville when Kenneth is available, usually on Friday afternoons
      • Every Thursday evening at 5:00 (dinner), practice at 5:30 or 6
      • Sometimes Saturdays at Aleator's in Mahomet
      • Combat wiki keeps it organized; see Activiites and Rideshare board for info
    • Pursuivant
      • filed her report!
      • still learning how to be a herald
  • Old Business 
    • Maidens event bid in draft form
    • we need $250 in the prices for the south lounge
    • will have a more polished event bid by next month's meeting
    • Genevieve *thinking* about volunteering as feast-o-crat, pending back problems
    • Tomaris willing to handle A&S classes
    • Roana suggested asking another shire to hold the feast
    • Youth combat - may get Rois or Kendrick or Katerina to run youth combat
    • Confirm with Jennifer whether we can get the 2nd floor rooms, or if they'll be renovating
  • Did we get our RSO re-approved? Think so, but the page is iffy
    • need to get fall reservations reserved soon
  • New Business   
    • October shire party / Wurm Wald 40th celebration Oct. 6 or 20?
      • Lincoln and Pennsylvania, Illini Grove -- maybe get for free as an RSO
      • might check Rantoul Heritage Lake -- really cheap
      • Let's look into it! Approved as something to look into
    • Next month: No meeting reserved; let's meet at a restaurant instead of the Illini Union, TBA
  • Nearby upcoming events: Simple Day this weekend
  • After the meeting: Aleator teaches a period Tarot card game.

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