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Scribal Arts

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 11 years, 5 months ago

Sample award scroll, illuminated by Lady Anna

Who wants to be a scribe? Feel free to use this page for sharing resources, tips, plan scribal meetings or classes, Q&A, or just post pictures of your work.


From the MK-Scribes list:

Her Majesty has requested that scroll blanks for:
Red Company
Gold Mace
Cavendish Knot
Bronze Ring
Dragon's Barb
Greenwood Company
be available throughout the reign for last minute awards.


FYI if you are working on scroll blanks this summer.




  • The Golden Section  - To explain, the Golden Section is the area where Caligraphy should begin in a medieval manuscript. It's believed that a 1.618 ratio is the most attractive ratio to the human eye, and using this ratio, calligraphers in the past separated the manuscript pages using the formula outlined at this website. It's not as difficult as it looks, and it will give your illumination a very period look if you should use this process. Remember that it will show you where the calligraphy goes.... not the illumination. 
  • Sample Scroll Texts - For those who need to come up with text for scrolls for tourney prizes, royal event invitations, etc.





Artists' materials - recommendations


Comments (5)

Kellee said

at 1:41 pm on Dec 6, 2009

Congratulaions on your AoA, Kirstin! Hoobah!!! This is one of my favorites! I do hope you enjoy it, Kirstin! I love to see them after the calligrapher has finished with them-they are so beautifu when they are properly finished!

Anne McKinney said

at 11:32 am on Apr 11, 2010

At Rites of Spring there was an excellent beginner's class on illumination. Lady Ellen of the Scholars made the topic very accessible and easy. Roana and I both submitted scroll blanks by the end of the class! We both agreed that this is something we would like to share in a future shire A&S night or other local activity for anyone else who would like to learn. Additionally, if we can ask Lady Ellen to teach this class again at our newcomers' event I think it would fit in with the event theme perfectly. I can volunteer to ask her once we know the event is a "go".

Anne McKinney said

at 9:25 am on Apr 12, 2010

Ro -- do you remember the brand of watercolors we used in the class? It wasn't mentioned on the sheet; it just said to be sure to use "archive-quality" materials. I still have the paints, brushes, and handouts from that class (including yours). Also, I have a collection of traceable knotwork designs from the Book of Kells that we could pull patterns from. These are designed for kids' coloring so most of the patterns are too big for scroll blanks, but some could be used for borders or smaller corner art. Also on hand: my copy of Medieval Russian Ornament, with lots of pretty Russian illumination designs I'm just itching to try as soon as I can pick up some graphite paper.

Roana Aldinoch said

at 9:44 am on Apr 12, 2010

I'm fairly sure she used the Sumi brand of watercolors, but I'm not positive. Most of the watercolor paints are considered "archive-quality", so that shouldn't be a big deal. Sumi has 12 tubes of paint for $12 at Michael's I think. I'll look into it more closely later this week. And like you, I'm getting excited to do more illumination. :D

Anne McKinney said

at 1:12 pm on Mar 12, 2011

Here's an idea that came up during a thread on the MK-Scribes list: should a shire have a loaner scribal kit?

This could be useful if we have people who are interested in learning illumination or calligraphy, but can't afford the startup materials. Included would be a set of paints and brushes, bristol board, tracing paper, pencils, pens, a ruler, a copy of the kingdom scribal handbook, etc. Figure maybe $20-$30 total. When supplies run out they could be replaced by people who've borrowed, or through donation, or if the shire thinks it's worth it to keep investing in the kit.

That stated, would there be enough interest in our group to support a loaner scribe kit? Ideally, people who decide they like scribal arts would be encouraged to get their own supplies over time, but this would help get them started -- sort of using the same principles as loaner combat gear.

If so, would anyone be willing to pull materials together? Donated materials would also be welcome. The shire already has a box of calligraphy pen tips that could be added; and maybe some of our more experienced scribes might have surplus supplies or "basic" tools they've since upgraded from. Thoughts?

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