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September meeting minutes 2011

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 12 years, 10 months ago


  • Pre-meeting Happy Hour location: 5:3o  - Spoon House
  • Introductions in case of any newcomers
  • Officer reports
    • Exchequer - 
      • Sofya will be the official exchequer on the books, signing signatures; Amanda will do all the actual work. This is because Sofya has a paid membership and Amanda does not. Everyone is happy about this solution, or at least, Sofya and Amanda.
      • Amanda has not received any bank statements for third quarter. Believes they are still being sent to Emma in DC. Need to coordinate a trip to the bank.
      • Sofya can go, tell them to change the address to Amanda's.
      • Also need a copy of all bank records since July.
      • Still need to fill out change of officer paperwork; will handle this at the October meeting when one of us will hopefully remember to bring forms.
    • Marshal - 
      • fighting is good. everyone should do it. practices on Wednesdays, new people showing up, with some of them showing regularly 
      • need to bring loaner helmet back from Danville
      • archery: Eadric finished MIT for thrown weapons at Pennsic, would like to set up a thrown weapons program in our shire if there's interest. Will need some money to fund targets and a couple weapons to throw. will table this idea for now; may revisit the idea if anyone else speaks up about wanting to do it, or after Crown if Eadric still has time to mess with it.
    • Pursuivant - "Thumbs Up"
      • Sept. 29 Heraldry Night: Names & Personas
    • Seneschal - 
      • looking for a new deputy who could be ready to step up next summer.
      • lots of paperwork that needs to be taken care of soon for changes of officers within the shire; currently misplaced in the home.
  • Old Business 
    • Demos 
      • Illinois Ren Faire 
        • No longer going as a group  
        • Event planner for the faire turns out to be a crazy-@$$ beeyatch with serious prejudices against the SCA. No tears have been shed on our side as a result of this loss.
        • Roana recommends not involving our group with this event in future years as long as this lady is in charge.
      • Urbana Public Library
        • Who is organizing this? -- Amanda willing to work on this, has contacts within the library.
        • When is a good time for everyone? --not yet scheduled, sometime next spring/summer
      • Quad Day -
        • Fighting go well!
        • People have been showing up to fight as a result.
      • Fighting on campus once or twice this fall as potential demo?
        • meh, maybe
  • New Business  
    • Any new business?(crickets chirp in response)
    • If you need to email Durio, send it to his hotmail account, not gmail.
  • Fall Crown
    • Planning meeting - September in Champaign
      • This Sunday! 5:00 at Roana's house, potluck
      • coordinating with henry of Exeter, TRH to solidify arrangements
      • we do have the South lounge again, plus ABC Friday night
      • no plans for general lounge in 210 yet, keeping it open until there's something else we don't know yet
      • no classes; A&S display will be in ballroom; same location for court
      • 4th floor rooms reserved, but not booked for anything yet; may use one of them for a shire room
      • dancing after feast: could we get Musica Subterranea? if so, they could leave instruments on stage in Church if need be.
      • Music Guild: unknown whether we will be performing; if anything, small acts
    • Crash Space Coordinator- Aleator!
    • Need signatures to set up Acceps? Might be too late. Not hardly anyone has pre-registered yet. Need to get Ro's address on the website for that.
    • Tokens: kendrick has a working token form; can made 400 for under $100
    • List poles: a week from Tuesday at Aleator's, September 20. Be there and help make list poles! Make it an armored practice to encourage more people to help. Rapier fighters will be emailed for unofficial practice.
    • Merchants: Amy Sponsler of RSO for info on what merchants can and cannot sell. Rules are different now for RSOs instead of community groups, which is how we arranged merchants for previous events. Apparently they've never had an RSO bring in merchants to sell anything, so they don't know what to tell us.  MERCHANTS DO NOT PAY A SITE FEE but they do have to be vetted by Caitriona, or merchantocrat.
    • We're compting site and serving lunch for TRM. Comping site fee and feast for 6 retainers. 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out! 


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