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April Meeting Minutes 2011

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 12 years, 10 months ago
  • Introductions in case of any newcomers (n/a)
  • Officer reports
    • Marshal - combat and archery on Saturday; Marina & Durio went to finals in rapier at Rites!
    • Webmin - Eadric taking over; commence the filling out of the change of office form. Also, the Google groups needs to be set up to send motifications of officer reports 
    • Chatelaine - starting next month, Ursul will be at meetings because her work schedule is switching to day shift. Huzzah!
    • MoAS - nothing really exciting. Has not sent out report yet; it's waiting at home to do asap; will be out tomorrow. We did really well at A&S regional! Tomaris: 1st on garb; 2nd on music; Sofya: 6 2nds and a 3rd. Roana taking pentathlon to Constellation regional. We also had a lot of judges at regional as well, so yay! Music Guild is Truckin'! new music in folder on wiki.  Brewing: Kenneth is a brewin' machine; Roana is making lotsa brews and cordials and meads and things. Her kids think she's an alcoholic (Riley: "We know.") Riley is making sekanjabin. It's all going well. Food guild has failed to get the faux feast together on the current schedule.
    • Exchequer - has not finished final report for Maidens, or latest quarterly report. wants a new officer ASAP.
    • Seneschal - got an email today from a library in Bourbonnais near Kankakee. Betty Champman from Bradley public library wants us to come up and do a demo June 15 (wed.) at 1pm. 36 x 30 room with carpet, plenty of floor space and ___, It's our area; Ro is going to talk with closer groups to see if they want to collaborate or just take it over from us.
      Phone call from IL RenFaire in Danville, desperate to have us there, willing to pay us to be there Aug. 26/27. Space for camping, set up a pavilion to look like a period encampment. Camping free, they provide breakfast and all sorts of things. 11-6 Sat; 11-5 Sunday. Will get back in touch with them; need to apply as performers. Other SCA merchants will be there, too. Special arena for fighters.
    • Ursul still wants to do Quad day that same weekend. More later on that; we might be able to do both.
  • Old Business
    • Maidens AAR w/ final financial picture - we can't do w/o information.
    • Fall Crown bid - Joint Venture - Volunteers Needed! 
      • Katerina wants servers in place before event. Alyse/Riley has volunteered; may help organize servers.
      • Kendrick taking over as Volunteer Coordinator from Maeve.
    • Library Demo
    • Shire Charter Draft - Vote: in favor - UNANIMOUS!!!! We now have a charter. Huzzah
  • New Business  
    • A&S Competitors - Huzzah! 
    • Aleator thinking of having a pole party a week from Saturday, the 23rd. Help make list poles.
    • AR is at a meeting!!!! Wants to know if folks are interested in meeting at Perkins instead of Illini Union. The Union is hard for her to get to park close enough w/handicap; Perkins is still on a bus route. Ro: starting in June/ summer months and then go back to Union in the fall. We'll have fewer students in the summer so less reason to use the Union for that purpose. So, seems like June would be a good time to test it.
    • May Day Party?
      • at Chez Aleator May 7
      • fighting, archery, potluck, dancing, bonfire, mead, etc.
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!
    • April 16 - Spring Coronation/Constellation Regional A&S Faire {Barony of Rivenstar} [Lafayette, IN] (2.5 hrs.)
    • April 30 - The Awakening: Armoured Easter Egg Hunt {Baile na Scolairi} [Bloomington, IL] (1 hr.) 
  • Possible Kumihimo class following meeting (if Sofya is up for teaching it :) )

Comments (3)

Bran Chandler said

at 11:09 am on Apr 15, 2011

"Also, the Google groups needs to be set up to send motifications of officer reports"

Is "motifications" a portmanteau of "motivating notifications"? If so, I like it.

Bran Chandler said

at 11:19 am on Apr 15, 2011

re Crown: as feast hall steward, I'll be coordinating servers, but I'm happy to have Alyse working with me on that piece of it.

Anne McKinney said

at 1:34 pm on Apr 15, 2011

I am all in favor of motivating notifications, especially if it helps officers feel more excited about writing their reports. :-D

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