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May Day Party

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Come one, come all! This is Wurm Wald's annual May Day Party -- take a break from studying, working, or whatever you need to take a break from, and celebrate springtime with good company! This party is open to all SCA and SCA-wannabes in the Illinois/Midlands region.


Saturday May 9, 2015 May Day Event Location: 307 E Fawn, Mahomet IL 


Last year's May Day (check the Rideshare Board for car pooling and please RSVP there)

When: Site opens at 1:00 P.M. May 9


  • 1:00: A&S tables will be available
  • 2:00 Rapier Fighting and Archery Activities begins
  • 3:30 Armored Fighting
  • 6:00: May Day Pot Luck 

Weather: This year? Who wants to guess? See  http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/Mahomet+IL+61853:4:US for the latest forecast


What to Bring: Garb (optional), stuff to do, feast gear if you have it. Camp chairs, sunscreen, etc...


For the day, bring snacks and drinks or volunteer to help set up, take down, or clean up.

Pot Luck Dinner about 6:00 PM. Each person should either bring a dish that will serve at least eight people or $6.00. There will be food run with the money collected for underrepresented food types. People should indicate what they plan to bring here:


  • Aleator and Kazimir: Lamb Sausages and homemade ale
  • Roana: Farmers' Cheese & Mustard spread with rye bread, homemade stout
  • Ellie & Family: Fruit tray 
  • Genevieve & Sofya: homemade bread.
  • Mark├ęta: Farmer's market green salad (salad mix, zesty salad), garlic chives, tomatoes, carrots, veltrano olives, avocado 






Combat: Armored & Rapier for the fighters attending. 


Archery: Pending time constraints, there will be: training new archers, Wurm Wald Archery Championship.


A&S: Bring a project to work on, or learn how to illuminate a scroll blank. Plenty of sunlit space available.


Gaming: You bring a game; we'll find someone who wants to play. 


History: We have boxes of Wurm Wald history in the storage unit and a proposal to dedicate an hour or two to sorting them.


Contests we had in the past:

Wurm Wald armored championship (if at least two fighters participate: fighters who consider WW's fighter practice to be their `home practice' are eligible to be champion).

Wurm Wald rapier championship (if at least two fighters participate: fighters who consider WW's fighter practice  to be their `home practice' are eligible to be champion).

Wurm Wald archery championship (if at least two archers participate).

Wurm Wald gaming championship (if at least two gamers participate).


Champions from last year will be expected to organize the contest and determine (unbiased) rules for this year's championship. If you are a champion from last year and cannot make this year, let Aleator know.

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