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December Meeting Minutes 2010

Page history last edited by Chuck Ehlschlaeger 10 years, 10 months ago

Officer Reports

  • Seneschal -
    • Still has to turn in meeting request forms
    • Yule party a good time
    • Awards given recently -
      • Elsbeth - Willow
      • Ursul - AoA
    • If you want to put in awards online to be given at Maidens, do it before December 22, 2010
  • Martial -
    • Archery - 
      • Officially Deputy Regional
      • Eadric is now MIT
      • Archery at the Yule Party
      • Practices suspended until Spring
      • Bloomington has indoor range practice every Wednesday night
    • Heavy & Rapier -
      • No consensus yet on Spring combat practice; leaning toward Friday evenings
      • Thomas will put in request at Stock Pavilion
      • Need Drop-dead deputy for Combat Martial 
  • Exchequer -(Absent, report given via phone)
    • Accounts balanced
    • All good
    • Not moving; still need drop-dead deputy
  • A&S -
    • Tomaris will be sharing the MOAS job with Jenna
    • Cooking Guild - 
      • Next meeting in February
      • Mock Feast to learn the process
        • Feast-O-Crat 101 - Learn to run a feast
        • Organized by Roana
        • Run by Aleator
    • Music Guild -
      • Ready to perform at Maidens
      • Plan to participate in the Regional A&S Competition
    • Dance -
      • Canceled for this month due to holidays
      • Amanda was voted in as deputy Dance Guild Mistress
    • A&S Challenge -
      • Roana has challenged the shire to have 25 items entered into the Regional A&S Competition (March 5 in Ravenslake)
        • Roana plans on 5
        • Sofya plans on 5
        • Music Guild plans on 4
        • Emma plans on 1
        • Elsbeth plans on 1 or 2
        • Who else going to do this?? Come on, gang!
    • A&S Project Night -
      • Sofya hosting during the holidays
      • Thursday, December 30 - 1pm - everyone leaves
      • Bring a project or just come to visit
  • Pursuivant -
    • Looking for someone to take over position
    • Content to stay in position until someone interested
    • Pennsic submissions have gone up to the College of Heralds (Kingdom Level); some have gone on to College of Arms (SCA Level)
    • End of year review going to go out
    • OP needed for the shire


Old Business

  • No Spring RUM due to Swordcliff event
  • Fall crown
    • Roana has troll person
    • Bid upcoming soon - hoping to turn in by end of January
  • Champaign Library Display?
    • Roana will contact library  


New Business

  • Activities Day
    • January  25th - 11am-3pm
    • Volunteers needed
  • Recruiting off campus  
    • Community newspapers



  • We have 5 merchants
  • Catering order put in; check to pay needed - $734.49
  • Need help with tokens
  • TRH coming for sure




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