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October 2010 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Roana Aldinoch 11 years, 1 month ago

In Attendance:











Officer Reports -

Seneschal - If you have shire stuff, inventory it and pass along to Eadric the Smith (mka Max Isenholt) @ misenholt@gmail.com

Exchequer - Quarterly reports done; $3974.47 in account (to be corrected after Maidens 2010 situation taken care of)

Martial -

     Combat - Marina authorized; unannounced practice at Aleator's house Saturday morning

     Archery - Unannounced practice at Aleator's house Saturday morning

Webminister - $107 for wurmwald.org hosting and maintenance

Persuivant - Report in; please get submissions in to Bran if you've sent anything in

Chatelaine - Luncheon on Tuesday to discuss Chatelaine business

A&S -

     Music Guild - Room reservations are now good through the rest of the semester

     Cooks' Guild - Changed to Sunday afternoon every other month culminating in a potluck; next meeting is December 5 @ 2pm at Aleator's house with potluck starting at 4pm

     Brewers' Guild - Changed to Sunday afternoon every other month starting November 7

     A&S - Roana will have a small project at the next meeting for those without their own to work on if they'd like to help make favors for the Queen; discussion on A&S competitions

     MAOS report turned in by Elsbeth


Old Business -

St. Joe's - Netted $298.79; non-member fees sent out; $420 +/- in expenses; 49 paid attendance

Maidens 2010 - Union bill needs to be corrected; Roana will exchange checks with Jennifer on Friday

Maidens 2011 -

     Tokens - supplies purchased; token night coming; make it a game for people to get the letter they want by trading; make one each of Q, X, and Z; anyone who gets Q, X, or Z will get a $10 gift certificate for local restaurant; tie those three letters into the history quiz

     Hotel - Union Hotel rooms blocked; 50 rooms: Double $99 + $7 pp after first; Queen $104 + $7 pp after first; King $109 + $7 pp after first

     Royalty - Coming! Thanks, Embra! E-mail coming for goody basket; retainer sign up coming soon

     Pale Ads - October Pale has 1/4 page ad; November & December will be half page; 1/4 page ad in January

     ACCEPS - Form filled out; will go in this week; $15 charge

     Facebook - Page and Event created; feel free to invite others to the event

     Catering - Need volunteer; Embra will order, but can't be day-of; order should go in a month in advance

     Parking and AV - orders in one month in advance

     Valet parking? - logistical and liability nightmare; shuttle instead?

     Volunteers needed -

          Parking Coordinator

          Catering Coordinator

Spring RUM - Bid and budget in to group; approved to be sent in to Kingdom MoAS


New Business -

Champaign Public Library Event - Medieval Day, Saturday, May 21st; SCA invited to help participate

Upcoming events -

     8th Annual Kids' Tourney - Indiana

     Crown Tourney- Tipton, IN

     Tourney of the Courtier - Peoria, IL

     Known World Heraldic Scribal & Symposium - Roselle, IL


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