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May Day Party 2010

Page history last edited by Guwhee 14 years, 3 months ago

Come one, come all! This is Wurm Wald's second annual May Day Party -- take a break from studying, working, or whatever you need to take a break from, and celebrate springtime with good company!


This party is open to anyone in the Illinois/Midlands region. Since this is going to be at a private house, an RSVP is greatly appreciated so we can get a rough head count. Please RSVP to Sofya at seneschal@wurmwald.org. Thank you!!!

Last year's May Day 

When: April 17

Time: noon to 10pm.

Weather: Sunny in the mid 60's, with no rain!


Where: 307 E Fawn Dr., Mahomet IL -- the castle of Lord Aleator (217-722-9120)

 (check the Rideshare Board for car pooling)


What to Bring: Garb (optional), stuff to do, feast dish or $$ (see below), feast gear or your own plates/cups/etc. For the day, bring snacks and drinks or volunteer to help set up, take down, or clean up. Swimwear if you plan to jump in the hot tub. Camp chairs, sunscreen, etc...




Combat: Heavy & Rapier 


Archery: Thomas will have loaner gear and targets for a tourney shoot and will do open range when not participating in other activities.


A&S: Bring a project to work on, or learn how to illuminate a scroll blank.


Gaming: You bring a game; we'll find someone who wants to play 


Potluck Feast: 6:00-ish.  

Either bring a dish that costs about $5 to prepare or bring $5. (Multiple people can buy into the same dish: $10 for two, $15 for three,...)

Feel free to add what you're bringing to a list here so we'll know what to expect, or include this information in your RSVP. For recipes, see the Cooking Guild page.


  • Sofya: Braised spring greens
  • Aleator, Dianne, Jimmy, and Nancy: Anglo-Saxon Kabobs (beef, onions, and apples that has been marinaded in wine and `A Sauce Good for Three Days and No More' from Libellus de arte coquinaria).
  • Tomaris: Mongolian Wings
  • guwhee: chicken fried rice 



Finally: A bonfire made from crabapple logs


Contests we had last year:

Wurm Wald armored championship (if at least two fighters participate: fighters who consider WW's fighter practice to be their `home practice' are eligible to be champion).

Wurm Wald rapier championship (if at least two fighters participate: fighters who consider WW's fighter practice  to be their `home practice' are eligible to be champion).

Wurm Wald archery championship (if at least two archers participate).

Wurm Wald gaming championship (if at least two gamers participate).

Wurm Wald hot tub championship (if at least two hotties, I mean hot tubbers participate).


Champions from last year will be expected to organize the contest and determine (unbiased) rules for this year's championship. If you are a champion from last year and cannot make this year, let Aleator know.



Comments (1)

Anne McKinney said

at 11:18 am on Mar 26, 2010

Most of this info was copied from the Yule Party page. Feel free to make appropriate changes, add info for stuff you would like to do at May Day, etc. If this party is open to folks outside of Wurm Wald we can share this page with regional lists or groups.

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