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Info for Newcomers

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Are you new to the SCA, or new to our group? Meet our Chatelaine! 


The Chatelaine is the person who talks to newcomers and helps them meet people who can help them learn more about the local group and specific interests they would like to pursue. For people who are new to the SCA entirely, the Chatelaine may be their first point of contact. At some time or another, just about everyone in the SCA acts as a chatelaine when we try to explain what we like about our hobby to our friends!


For the worldwide organization, the SCA Newcomers Portal provides an introduction to who we are and what we love to do.


For the Shire of Wurm Wald, our Chatelaine is Lynette de Warenne.  She is extremely happy to talk with newcomers and answer any questions you may have, such as


  • Times & locations of meetings
  • General questions about SCA culture
  • Whom you should talk to if you want to learn more about __ (i.e., combat, arts & sciences, heraldry, etc.)
  • What to do at an SCA event (or even "what is an event?")
  • Anything else that may help you to integrate with the Shire, or find the activity that most interests you.
Wurm Wald also has a small supply of loaner gear for people who are new to the SCA. This is helpful if you want to attend an event or try your hand at combat arts before you decide to invest your own time and money into this hobby!

Our shire loaner items include:

  • Garb (period clothing) in most sizes for men & women
  • Loaner fighting equipment
If you would like to learn more about borrowing any of our loaner gear, please talk to the relevant officer (or the Chatelaine if you are unsure.) Anyone who wants to get started in the SCA is welcome to borrow loaner items. In exchange we just ask that all clothing and feast dishes be washed before they are returned.


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