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Anntionette Rose

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 13 years, 7 months ago

Anntionette RoseThis is a featured page

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Thanks for wanting to know a little more about me!



Anntionette is a late 14th century through mid 15th century French minor noblewoman who was born into the merchant class at Calais France. I've never quite picked a birth year, but as a child my mother died and my father placed me into the care of our local convent. As the storm clouds of Angincourt were gathering my father took me from the convent and I began helping him in his local eatery and helping in the shop next door - selling beautiful cloth. After the battle, as the mercenaries were traveling home, a young Irish lad happened upon the eatery and spied me. After a good meal and a goodly amount of ale, he convinced (with a bit of help from others in his group) my father that he was a terrific person and would make a good husband for his daughter - so off to Ireland I went. Life was a bit of an adventure for many years, traveling with the Court about the Kingdom. Sadly, as so often happens, we grew apart, tiring of one another and went in search of new pastures. Anntionette now resides in the countryside of an unspecified country coming out whenever her mind, health and soul see fit. She busies herself with studies of science and art, practicing those arts every now and then.





  • I received an Award of Arms from King Hugo von Feuerklippe and Queen Catlin Stuart on 05 September, AS 16 (1981). I wasn't present but members of Illiton picked it up and later presented it to me at a demo - that was pretty darn cool in!

  • Next to come was my first Award of the Purple Fret, this one from King Corin du Soleil and Queen Myfanwy o'r Pelydrau ar Ysgall at Jubilee Old English Faire in AS 20 (1985). It was going to be a HUGE court that night and I had been Lady to Her Majesty all day, working on scrolls for the list. As we were going up the hill for dinner Her Majesty asked me to fill in two Purple Fret scrolls – one was for my own lord, Devin and our friend Guillanne. We sat through Court and, at the break (yep, it was a BIG Court) both Devin and Guillanne were going to leave...– OH WHAT AN ANXIOUS MOMENT!.....so I pulled them each aside and told them about the other one and why they had to stick around. Knowing that the 2 of them were getting their awards made me not so very surprised when my name was called, but that was OK. Seeing their surprise was plenty! But yes, they both thwacked me the arm for the trick I played on them...... :-)




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Anne McKinney said

at 6:56 pm on Sep 13, 2011

Dovetailing on my earlier comment on the Awards page: Maybe this page could be modified into a Memorial page for Anntionette? It's nice that we at least have a record in her own words of her persona and award information.

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