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Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 13 years, 7 months ago

SCA interest: Since I have 4 youth fighters, I enjoy the youth fighting. I enjoy doing illuminations. My family and I LOVE to do demos. We love to share all the wonders of the SCA. And I enjoy sewing. I also enjoy helping out at different events. I have helped at troll, youth list, setting up, cleaning up, setting up for feast, coordinating the servers and helping out at youth pointe. And I enjoy helping my kids learn more about their interest-armor, fighting styles, clothing, personas, sewing, beading, music, vegetables, cooking and chain mail.


SCA Background: My family and I joined the SCA in December of 2003. We joined the Shire of Rokkehealden. Presently, I am the MOY for the shire. We also play with the Shires of Vanished Wood and Fox Vale as we have great friends in both of those shires also. We also are playing with Wurm Wald now and hoping to make some great friends there also. I am our regional MOY. Finally, we belong to the House FoxRose-colors are blue and silver/white. Hence all the blue and silver in the picture.


Personal Background: We have bought a farm close to the Shire of Wurm Wald and will eventually live there full time. Presently, we are in the process of redoing the house so we can live there full time.

SCA Awards: I received my AOA in November 2006 for my work with the youth and then this year at Maidens, I recieved my Purple Fret. It was awarded at ALL Souls 2 weeks prior, but Her Majesty was gracious enough to seek me out at troll and present it to me in person there.


If you have any questions I didnt answer, please ask!

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