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Music Guild

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 12 years, 1 month ago

Music Guild at Maidens 1The Würm Wald Music Guild is a group for local instrumentalists and vocalists interested in performing period music in an SCA setting.


We have not been meeting lately, but if you are interested in getting involved, please speak up!


Our members range in experience from music majors, minors, and degree holders to teenagers learning in school groups, to adult amateurs with no formal training -- if you can carry a tune and/or are basically proficient on your instrument, please join us! We work with any period instrument or direct descendant of a period instrument.


Rather than focus on a specific area or style of early music, we tend to explore quite a bit, in time, place, and mood. Performed selections have had origins in Tudor England, Medieval France, Germany, and Italy, and Moorish-influenced Medieval Spain.



Music Guild at Maidens 2


  • Kenneth -- Baritone
  • Amanda -- Cello, Alto/Tenor


Our instrumentation currently involves violin, recorder, 'cello, oud, mandolin, percussion, and the occasional reed instrument. In order to more effectively perform some of the material we especially like, it would be great to have more bowed strings and period reeds. Also, finding appropriate (and affordable!) drums for Western European loud-band selections is a challenge we are facing.


Our current vocalists consist of mostly sopranos, altos, and tenors. Anyone who can carry a tune is welcome to sing with us, though we would like to especially encourage those who can sing the lower parts!


Videos of Performances


  • Vocal performances at the Midlands regional A&S faire, Spring 2011 (from Orry Guerrin's collection, embedded above)
  • Newcomers' Moot 2009 (wurmwald YouTube channel)
  • Festival of Maidens 2009 (Sofya's collection on Viddler -- this will eventually be moved to YouTube with the rest) 


Music (Lyrics & Sheet-like things)



  • Gaudete (just lyrics, no music notation) 



  • History, song types, orchestration, etc. (Wikipedia)
  • Manchester Klezmer MIDI files & sheet music (Scroll down to the "Tried and Trusted Oldies" section at the bottom...the midis sound a bit cheesy on piano but will give you the gist of the tune. I'm looking specifically at Araber Tanz, Yiddische Freylechs, and Russian Sher Traditional [higher on the page, under December 2002] as possible options for Music Guild but I'm not sure which key we should use for sheet music. The choices are C, B flat, or C for cello...????)




Piae Cantiones



Photos on this page taken at Maidens 2009 by Brian W. Kieft.



Comments (5)

Anne McKinney said

at 11:09 am on Oct 30, 2009

Hi folks, I added some names and profile information for people in Music Guild. I did this without asking first, so I'm hoping no one minds too much. If you'd rather not be on here, please let me know and I will delete what I've added -- or you can change the information, too. The idea was to help people identify who's who in Wurm Wald, particularly who's active in which groups within the shire...

Anne McKinney said

at 3:03 pm on Feb 8, 2010

Gypsy Guerrilla Band's album _Ernie's Ottoman_ will give you a better idea how Klezmer (and Eastern European & Middle Eastern) music would sound in period. This album features some of the most common songs on violin, flute, hammered dulcimer, and other instruments. From what I can tell from other sources, mandolin, cello, dumbek, frame drum, and recorder were also common instruments for pre-19th c. klezmer (possibly back to the 15th c, though I might be confusing my sources on 15th-c. klezmer instrumentation).

Since GGB seems to have online mp3s for all of their albums BUT Ernie's Ottoman, talk to me privately if you want to listen to this album...it also has their cover of the Korobushka. :-D

Anne McKinney said

at 2:44 pm on Mar 12, 2010

Who wants to road trip to Chicago in the near future to check out music shops? I'm looking into doing this sometime in the next couple months or so. There are a few places that look like they could be good sources for period instruments, possibly sheet music. I'm still at the net-exploration stage, haven't called either of these places to find more specific information yet. Andy's music looks like a fun "candy store" judging by their website's list of instruments they sell (as well as featured instruments with great photos of medieval bagpipes & string instruments): http://www.andysmusic.com/store.html Hogeye Music in Evanston might be a place for hammered dulcimers, though their website doesn't tell much: http://www.hogeyemusic.com/

Anyone know of other good music stores in the area?

Tomaris Kapalomeni said

at 11:19 am on Apr 14, 2011

Hey Guys I added some music content in the Music folder, eventually I will add it to the Music Guild page, but it is all stuff from the Piae Cantiones, woot!

Anne McKinney said

at 6:02 pm on May 19, 2011

Is there a better way to download music from the music folder? I attempted this with a .jpg and it printed a tiny sheet of music that took up less than 1/2 the page...just wondering if there's a way to get full-sized sheet music.

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