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Events Calendar and Rideshare Board

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ctivities Calendar & Rideshare Board


How to find what room we are meeting in:

See what activities are happening in what room in the Illini Union today


How to use this page for ride-sharing:

Are you hoping to go to an upcoming event? Do you need a ride, or do you want riders to help split the gas? Find travel buddies on this page!

See the upcoming events in Illinois and Indiana

See all upcoming events in the Middle Kingdom

The events listed below are generally those listed on the kingdom calendar for Illinois and Indiana (Midlands and Constellation). If there is an event outside those regions that would be of interest to the shire, please list it.


Tips to make this as clear as possible:

  1. Please bold the names of people.
  2. Please list whether you are driving, need a ride, or can do either.  Number of passenger slots is also helpful.
  3. Please list the names of all the people in a car together, so it's clear who does and doesn't have a ride.  (That is, each car should be its own bullet point.)
  4. Please list the driver first, so others know who to contact.
  5. Please specify if daytripping, crashing, leaving before feast, etc. 
  6. If asking for a ride and bringing large amounts of gear, please mention that.  (E.g., "need room for two sets of armor".)







March 2018

     Lady Day Moot

         Mattoon, IL 

  • Lena & Ursus 
17  map Scribin and Imbibin: A Monk's Life
  {Barony of Ayreton} [Mundelein, IL]
 24  map Rites of Spring
  {Barony of Illiton} [Peoria, IL]
  • Lena & Ursus 
31 map Better War Through Archery
  {Barony of Sternfeld} [Danville, IN ]

April 2018
map Stone Dog Inn 14
  {Canton of the Grey Gargoyles} [Midlothian, IL]
21 map 3 Saints and a Tournament of Defence
  {Barony of Rivenstar} [West Lafayette, IN]
  • Lena & Ursus
21  map Midlands A&S Faire
  {Shire of Ravenslake} [Lake Villa, IL]
28  map The Awakening: Armored Easter Egg Hunt
  {Shire of Baile na Scolairi} [McLean, IL ]

May 2018
5  Spring Coronation
12 map Crystal Chamfron
  {Barony of Shattered Crystal} [Wood River, IL]
19  map This Land is Our Land
  {Barony of Shadowed Stars} [Bluffton, IN]
19 map Quest for No-Man's Land III
  {Shire of Runvidarstadr} [Warren, IL]
26-27  Spring Crown Tourney and Kingdom A&S
 Sof & Gen - staying Fri-Sun with room for 1-2 in a second double bed in the hotel room, can also give rides



Notes on costs: Over the life of a car, gas costs are notSave even a majority of the costs. Older cars cost about $0.40/mile: insurance, maintenance, depreciation, and repairs included. If you are getting a ride, even from a friend, volunteering to split the entire cost of the trip as well as costs to pick you up would be appreciated.


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Lynette said

at 5:17 pm on Sep 28, 2014

The W3W address for the Stock Pavilion is fantastic in the context of armored fighters! :D

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