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Group Business

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Agenda items 

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings



  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal -  
    • Exchequer - 
      • Oswyn
      • Katarina
    • Martial - 
      • Heavy 
      • Archery -
      • Rapier - 
    • A&S - 
    • Pursuivant -
    • Chatelaine -
    • Webminister -
    • Chronicler -
    • RSO Business -  
  • New Business 
  •  Old Business 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  


MINUTES RECORDER: Please create a new page for each month's minutes and add a link to it to the Minutes Archive, then copy and paste into an email to Google Groups. Thank you!






Ongoing projects 



Future shire events on the horizon - 


  • Maidens 2015 planning wiki
  • RUM 


Past shire event history




Illini Union Space Request Form (or pdf file here) RSO account# = 1-905708-199000

Midlands Meeting Notes Form by Caitriona

"Fillable" Change of Office/New Officer (fillable .pdf) (links to Kingdom page; active Dec. 2015


Class Reporting information for MOAS Generic class sign up sheet.docx.

I need teacher's information for:

1. The name of class and a description if not clear from the name



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