July 2020 Meeting Minutes

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Caer Gwyn meeting July 5th 2020

12 participants

Seneschal –According to Kingdom Order, no in person meetings of more than 10 people will be allowed.  If this occurs, our group can be cancelled.

RSO President – The group submission was denied due to bylaws and charters.  Tojime will create a new RSO Constitution, thumbs up from students,and we'll double check next month

Chatelain- Not Present

Exchequer – Marine bank $4,652.69.  RSO $716.40 

RSO Exchequer- Not Present

Pursuivant – Report Submitted on Time

MoAS – Nothing to report

Marshalate – 

          Archery - No activity, however there is a new Archery/ Darts challenge up on the Midrealm Website

          Rapier – Nothing to report, suggest looking at the Virtual Academy of Rapier https://facebook.com/events/s/intro-to-italian-rapier-summer/889432561525471/?ti=as

          Heavy  – Not Present

Chronicler- Report submitted on time

Social Media Officer –Not Present

Webminister – Not Present



Old Business


sandwich signs for events ($250 max) – Dan – has a prototype made, looks good

RSO charter- Tojime is working on a new version


New Business


Michaelmas Moot date: Sept. 13 - ONLINE

Rapier championship – not happening expected online

@midrealm.org officer emails  check out midrealm.org in order to set it up, if you have issues contact Bran

Maidens 2021 bids - Please read the bid on the facebook group


We need to provide info on the zip codes that Caer Gwyn covers to the Kingdom Cartographer.

Discussed adding pronouns to the officer page.  Was approved. 

Discussed adding small audio files of name pronunciations.  Still in discussion


     Maidens 2021



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