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February 2020 Minutes

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Attendence: Jen, BA, Terra, Clarissa, Ildris, Becky V, Shelley, Andrew, Dan, Rose, Kari, Alice,Avi, Jason, Heather, 

Senes: report in. 

RSO: Schedules have been wonky. One rapier practice will be outside. 

Exch: $4657.96 Marine $716.40. Domesday in

.Pur: No report due. Two copies of the herald handbook. Anyone want? Group to keep them

 MoAS: Class nights going well. Guest speaker on Minoan Clothing 2/13 .

 Marshall: Archery: New bows in. Easier for new people to use. New MIT, Avi is starting. Newarchery marshal handbook.

Rapier: Practices going on. Good turn out. 

Chronicler: no report

SMO: We have social media

Weminister: no report

Old Business: Lady Day is March 1. 1:30 to 7. Meeting at 2. Reminder being sent. CGarchery and A&S championship on that day.

Midsummer in Mattoon on June 7. Working on it.

Demo: Spring March 29 demo in the quad. In garb. SCA’ing. $25 for printing.

Market on thesquare coming up.

Maidens 2021 Terra is planning on bid. Reserve the union as a back up

.Deputy Officer change form is available. Deputies can be warranted.

Redi is Deputy KingdomCartographer.

Event: Maidens report: 314 sign-ins. $303.89 in profit. Lunch donated to travel fund. SilientAuction ~$1000. Hot chocolate ~$300 for rapier. Survey available to be used for next time.Carat on the phone website is very small. Many people missed it. Link off homepage. Venuewas considered cold. Tent was a problem because heater didn’t heat as well as it could.Merchants: selling at the Union is 15% of the total. That can be a concern. Appreciate accessible parking.MSS - A&S - Terra, Display coor - Rose, Merchant coor, Clarissa, parking - Ursus. Mighthave to be Martial RUM.

MKAOD - 6 signed up to teach. Stock Pavilion



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