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November 2019 Minutes

Page history last edited by Colleen 4 years, 6 months ago

Caer Gwyn meeting November 3rd 2019

14 participants

Seneschal –Report submitted on time

RSO President –Start thinking about/submitting space requests for spring

Chatelain- Not Present

Exchequer – Marine bank $3,780.40, RSO $1,086.20 approximate amounts as not everything from RUM has cleared yet, review of books for Crystal Ball

RSO Exchequer- Alyce will be going to a mandatory workshop next week

Pursuivant – N/R

MoAS – Friday night A&S has been having little attendance, including finding time for officers to make it.  It has been decided that we will NOT do every Friday A&S in the Spring, RSO and MOAS have been granted an executive decision on what/when to do on other days.

     Bi-weekly sewing nights on Tuesdays have been going well

Marshalate – Genevieve has been submitted as the next Regional Marshal, which is a great honor to her but that means we would need a new Archery and Group Marshal, please let us know if you are interested.

          Archery – Practices are resumed, every other week.  Check google or FB for events.  We will be buying some lighter weight bows, and Genevieve is in the process of building a new frame.  Archery will NOT occur on Dec 1st due to U of I break.

          Rapier - Dan is MIT, and will hold practices every Sunday, 3-5 pm at the Stock Pavilion

               Report submitted on time

               He and several other rapier marshals are considering doing regional practices where groups would travel to work with other groups.

               Trying to figure out a way to increase attendance, will plan on making fliers to be posted one set on campus and one in the community.  Roshan will take point on organizing fliers.

               Will consider having rapier practice on the quad in spring term, possibly with non-fencers in garb to answer questions.

Chronicler- Nothing to report

Social Media Officer –Officers are doing their own social media, thank you!

Webminister – Aside from working with Oswyn to make sure the RUM page was up and running, nothing to report


Old business

Yule moot ( 2 pm Dec 8th at Maeve's house, 2715 Western Ave, Mattoon, IL  Please know there are cats in the house)  Will include gift exchange, and we will try to arrange carpooling.

Lady Day Moot (March 1st?  Ebegei submitted request) at Stock Pavillion-  Will have both the Archery Championship and the Novice Archery Championship

Baron Andreas is interested in coming down and recording stories about merging to become a new Shire sometime in the future.


New Business

Maidens 2021 is coming up, the idea of renting out the Union has been brought up. 

Their Majesties asked for bids for Spring Coronation and Spring Crown/Kingdom A&S.  We discussed and decided not to pursue at this time.

We have been asked if we would want to host Midlands A&S, a couple people mentioned that churches might be a possibility as hosting sites.  Colleen offered to co-lead if someone else would help.



RUM- all estimates as not all charges have gone through yet.  Had 111 attendees.  Had a few classes drop, but the average class size went up, average class size seemed to be about 8 or 9, with some as high as 20.  Estimate ~$300 loss, as was the plan.  Took in $442 in donations.  Degree program seemed to be going well.


Jan 25, 2020 Maidens - plans well underway, all schedules except A&S are on the site.  Their Royal Highnesses have confirmed attendance.  Swordcliff will take care of lunch for us.  We will have court.  We will NOT have feast.  We have 12 merchants, and hotel blocks at 2 local hotels.  https://caergwynt.midrealm.org/festival-of-maidens/

     Dan brought up the idea of making a prize for the Up and Commers Tournament, to be discussed with Lena and Ursus and brought up again at the moot.


June 20, 2020 Midlands summer school.  Site is approved.  To be planned after RUM.


Sept 5 2020, Middle Kingdom Acadamy of Defense - Officially on the SCA calendar for Sept 5th, FB event created and website is live.


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