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July 2019 Minutes (redirected from July Meeting Minutes)

Page history last edited by Colleen 1 year ago

Caer Gwyn meeting July 7, 2019

7 people

Seneschal – Nothing to report

RSO President – Name change of Registered Student Organization to “Shire of Caer Gwyn”. Can add “SCA” to the name next year

                Quad day will be Sunday August 25th.  We will need to make a reservation for an info night a week or two later to follow up with people

Chatelain- Not Present

Exchequer – No activity for June.  Currently have $3,187.07 in the Marine bank account and $1,105.60 in the RSO account.

½ of storage unit moved to Oswyn’s garage.  The remaining will hopefully be moved by end of July, and we can get some money back.  $5O to Oswyn to purchase storage supplies.

MoAS( Minister of Arts and Sciences) – report filed on time.  There is a new A&S Reporting system, if you give a class you can submit it directly instead of waiting for someone else to get around to it.  This will allow for more accurate reporting.  Additionally, one person activities can count.

Marshalate – Nothing to Report

Chronicler- Report submitted on time

Social Media Officer – We need a new one.  Hrefna has offered to take on SMO if someone else takes over as MoAS

Meetup- Dena can’t pay for it.  Oswyn would be ok paying (6 month renewal) and being reimbursed.  Moved to renew on Aug 6th- passed.  Thanks to Lynette, Ursus and Lena for all they’ve done with Meetup in the past few years.

Webminister – position open

Blogger – reminder that anyone can blog on our website, we’d love for it to be more active


PAS2 (Performing Arts Symposium) went well.  30 people came only 6 of which were workers.  Made about $40.  Great reception from Performing arts community, the performances and revelry went on until about 11:30 PM

CU PrideFest is on Sat Sept 28th.  This conflicts with Coronation.  Move to skip Pridefest this year- passed.

Aug 25th – Quad Day, demoing for students.  Volunteers welcome

Sept 8 – Michaelmas Moot at Stock Pavilion, Noon to 8 pm

Oct 5- Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense

Oct 26- Royal University of the Midrealm.  New incoming Chancellor (Oswyn) at Lincoln Hall.  We will have court.  There will be a new interactive badge to go with the degree program, SCA “ted talks” Need volunteers for parking and assisting with Royalty.  Registration opens mid July.

Jan 25, 2020 Maidens

June 20, 2020 Midlands summer school.  Oswyn submitted a bid for a smaller version of RUM, more like a “community college”  Performing Arts Symposium 3, mock A&S Fair, craftsperson fair, show of work in progresses.  Motion made and passed, Oswyn will be Event Steward.  Will be a donation event

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