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June 2019 Minutes

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Meeting Notes  June 2nd Caer Gwynt meeting


10 Attendees



Officer Reports:

                Seneschal – Nothing to Report

                RSO President-Officially renewed for next year, and renamed "The Shire of Caer Gwyn"

                Chatelaine – Heard from a couple of potential recruits

                Chronicler – Nothing to Report

                Social Media Officer – Not Present

                Webminister – OPEN

                Exchequer- .  We have $3,187.07 in the Marine bank account and $1,05.60 in the RSO (Registered Student Organization).

                Pursuivant – Nothing to report

                MoAS- Group members learned to play Glueckhaus at the Midsummer Meet

                Group Marshall- no official rapier practices held, but some of the SCAdians have been working with other fighting groups.

                Rapier Marshall – Not Present, rapier has been finished for the semester.  If you wan to fence, contact Dan

                Archery Marshall-  The last shoot for the semester has happened.  There probably will not be any shooting during the summer as we can’t get the Stock Pavilion, however there is a range in Urbana- contact Genevieve for more information.  We need replacement Archery Marshall for next year.

                Oswyn is working on getting his thrown weapons Marshallate.


Old Business:

                Officer Deputies- We need deputies for the following offices: Chronicler, Social Media Officer, Webminister, All Weapons Marshalls.

                Moving storage-  Oswyn will be taking the next week to straighten out his garage, then if the weather looks good, he will put a call out for help moving items from storage to his garageWe should figure out a time to go through the items at Terra's house, at Sofya and Katrina's house and storage to get rid of multiples. 

                Michaelmas Moot- Ebegai is working to secure the Stock Pavillion for us.  Probable date Sunday Sept 8th.  Includes the Shire Archery Contest from 2 to 4 pm.

               Middle Kingdom 50 year-Thank yo to Sofya and Josh for taking point on creating this.  They showed off the history flyer, the old WurmWald Manuscript and 2 glass panes that Oswyn had created.  We would like to express thanks to Elzabeta from Dark River for getting permission for the Shires to show off their history as well.



New Business

               Quad Day - August 25th, 2019 we are planning on doing it.  We would like to have a canopy and water for our people
               Chambana Pride Parade - vote passed to have Caer Gwyn walk in the parade.  The date has not been set yet, but Genevieve will follow up on that.
               Yule Moot Sunday Dec 8th, at Maeve's house (2715 Western Ave, Mattoon, IL)  Hours are noon to 7 pm, with meeting at 4.  Please note, there are cats in the house.



Event Planning:

                Performing Arts Symposium (June 29th) scheduling will begin soon

                UofI Quad Day August 25th.

               Chambana Pride Parade - Sept

                Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense (Oct 5)- Not Present

                RUM (Oct 26th)  It's official, we have Lincoln Hall.  Genevieve and Colleen will work on creating invitations for their Highness es to RUM.  Katerina and Khawlah will work on creating tokens/badges.  If you can offer crash space, please notify Oswyn.

                Maidens 2020 (Jan 25,2020)   We're waiting until a bit closer to start developing schedules.


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