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May 2019 Minutes

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Meeting Notes  May 5th Caer Gwynt meeting


13 Attendees



Officer Reports:

                Seneschal – Nothing to Report

                RSO President- Will (possibly has) re-registered the group for quad day, we have elected Alice as Treasurer, and Ebegai again asks anyone who has a University space request to double check with her, although they're not scheduling for Fall semester yet.

                Chatelaine – Not Present

                Chronicler – Nothing to Report

                Social Media Officer – Not Present

                Webminister – OPEN

                Exchequer- .  We have $,187.07 in the Marine bank account and $1,05.60 in the RSO (Registered Student Organization).

                Pursuivant – Nothing to report

                MoAS- the tunics from the tunic making class should be done.  And a period potluck was suggested and had.   We still have the rooms for Tuesdays, and some suggestions are making glass, Learning to cook, and possibly reviving dance.  If you're interested in any of these or have other ideas, contact Hrefna.

                Group Marshall- no official rapier practices held, but some of the SCAdians have been working with other fighting groups.

                Rapier Marshall – Not Present, rapier has been finished for the semester.  If you wan to fence, contact Dan

                Archery Marshall-  The last shoot for the semester has happened.  There probably will not be any shooting during the summer as we can’t get the Stock Pavilion, however there is a range in Urbana- contact Genevieve for more information.  We need replacement Archery Marshall for next year.

                Oswyn is working on getting his thrown weapons Marshallate.


Old Business:

                Midsummer Moot will be at Peterson Park in Mattoon on June 2nd. 9am to 4 pm  There will also be an Arts and Sciences Championship where you must create and finish an A&S thing.  You can have patterns and research done, but nothing more.  More info and criteria can be found at the SCA.org website

                Officer Deputies- We need deputies for the following offices: Chronicler, Social Media Officer, Webminister, All Weapons Marshalls.

                Moving storage-  Due to weather, storage moving will be reschedulede

                Michaelmas Moot- Ebegai is working to secure the Stock Pavillion for us.  Probable date Sunday Sept 8th.  Includes the Shire Archery Contest

               Middle Kingdom 50 year- The various shires will have a place to set up a historical display.  Sofya and Josh took point on that.

               Maidens 2019, the difference in the amount in the report vs the check was made up of our 1/3 of the silent auction.



New Business

               The head cook of Crystal Ball was wondering if we wanted to provide Breakfast or Lunch.  At this time we choose No
               Quad Day - August 25th, 2019 we are planning on doing it.  We would like to have a canopy and water for our people



Event Planning:

                Performing Arts Symposium (June 29th) Oswyn and Ebegai are working on this, no problems

                Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense (Oct 5)- Not Present, no issues

                RUM (Oct 26th)  It's official, we have Lincoln Hall for all day classes.  No Court, no Feast.

                Maidens 2020 (Jan 25,2020) Deposit checks on venue and rental equipment have been made and both have confirmed reservations.  All major staff positions filled.  We're waiting until a bit closer to start developing schedules.


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