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April 2019

Page history last edited by Colleen 5 years, 2 months ago

Meeting Notes  April 7th Caer Gwynt meeting


8 Attendees



Officer Reports:

                Seneschal – Katerina has stepped up as deputy, who will take over Seneschal duties in 2020.  Vote passed.

                RSO President- Student Registration is open, and Ebegai is working on that.  A new student (Alice Troitskaia) has agreed to be Treasurer, vote passed.  Additionally, if you need space on campus for an SCA related item, contact Ebegai and check the spreadsheet which will be posted to the group pages.

                Chatelaine – Not Present

                Chronicler – Quarterly report submitted.

                Social Media Officer – Not Present

                Webminister – OPEN

                Exchequer- received final report from Maidens 2019, more info below.  We have $2,801.76 in the Marine bank account and $1,05.60 in the RSO (Registered Student Organization).  AdditionallyThere is a corporate audit that needs to be finished for St. Carol.

                Pursuivant – Nothing to report

                MoAS- had a successful Arts and Sciences night with fabric cut to make tunics.

                Group Marshall- no official rapier practices held, but some of the SCAdians have been working with other fighting groups.

                Rapier Marshall – Not Present

                Archery Marshall- good attendance in March, even though stock pavilion was closed for much of spring break.  Ebegai is working on Marshallate In Training.  There probably will not be any shooting during the summer as we can’t get the Stock Pavilion, however there is a range in Urbana- contact Genevieve for more information.  We need replacement Archery Marshall for next year.  Next archery practice is Sunday April 14th.

                Oswyn is working on getting his thrown weapons Marshallate.


Old Business:

                CG Encampment for Middle Kingdom 50 Year – sign up is closed.

                Midsummer Moot will be at Peterson Park in Mattoon on June 2nd

                                Do you have a suggestion for things to do/teach for this moot?  Classes?  Games? Making silk banners?

                Officer Deputies- We need deputies for the following offices: Chronicler, Social Media Officer, Webminister, All Weapons Marshalls.

                Moving storage-  We have decided to clear our storage locker to save money.  Therefor we need people to help clear out Oswyn’s garage and move things from the current locker.  Moving day is Sunday May 19th afternoon at Oswyn’s house 1519 W Church Street, Champaign, IL

                Michaelmas Moot- Ebegai is working to secure the Stock Pavillion for us.  Probable date Sunday Sept 8th.



New Business

                Middle Kingdom 50 Year is seeking historical displays from all Baronies and Shires.  We have several things we could bring (Illuminated history of WurmWald, Banners, Plates)  If you are willing to take point, contact Bran.  If no one takes point, this won’t happen.

                Baroness wars- Theme is Shires vs Baronies.  Caer Gwynt will be fighting for the Duchesses (Shires) vote passed.

                Caer Gwynt received a Purple Fretty from the Kingdom for our work with Maidens 2019.  You can see a .pdf on our website.  Oswyn has it and will make copies.  If you want one, contact him.



Event Planning:

                Maidens 2019 report- 357 attendees.  Our 1/3 of the profits totaled $285.31.  Report closed.

                Performing Arts Symposium (June 29th) Oswyn and Ebegai are working on this.   

                Our bid for the Coronation was rejected.

                Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense (Oct 5)- Not Present

                RUM (Oct 26th) Oswyn would like to put in a bid for this years RUM using either Lincoln Hall or Gregory Hall, Caer Gwynt wouldn’t be expected to do much more than basic event stewarding.  No court, no feast.  Motion passed.

                Maidens 2020 (Jan 25,2020) Not Present

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