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November 2018 Minutes

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 1 year, 9 months ago

In Attendance: Lynette, Rory, Oswyn, Ebegai, Sofya, Kendra, Katarina, Hrefna, Genevieve, Alice, Marketa, Bran


Rory: Been trying to reach the new groups' deputy, Juliana. According to the official documents, we need to contact that person when we're ready to go for full group status. Haven't had any luck reaching her, the regional, or the kingdom. There is some confusion on where to find the form, which isn't online anymore. BUT he did find our application! Huzzah! We have a page we need to fill out, one he fills out, and a petition, etc., everything that needs to go into THE BOOK. We've crossed a lot of to-do items off our list. We'll try aiming for the Maidens/12th Night event to go full status. If we get everything together, the Kingdom Seneschal should just rubber-stamp it. We maybe shouldn't send it all electronically. Certified mail might be a better way to ensure it doesn't get lost in the ether.


Seneschal: Steppping down at the December Moot. Unless anyone else throws a hat in the ring, Bran will step up beginning January 1. Will prepare a shiny, big BOOK for us to present as her parting gift to the group. Should be able to present hard copies at the January event.


Exchequer: $1,630.81 in Marine bank; $1127.49 in RSO account; $2528.56 in St. Carol account. No new activity in St. Carol. All checks are cleared in Marine bank. Becky and Terra added to the signature card. Mwahahaha!!! Oswyn intends to either remain or run again for another term. He has been in office for 2 years; Bran says he's not up for reelection.


Pursuivant: Nothing to report. Last report went in, so nothing new this month. Kendra has the research to do hers and her mom's names, and will submit independently in Decemberish.


Marshal: No heavy or rapier, but we have archery! 4 people shot today, and 1 two weeks ago. The more the merrier! Alice shot today for the first time. Huzzah! We're maintaining. She's held the office for 2 years, and willing to continue unless someone else really wants it. Bran: our new charter will get rid of the Knight's Marshal necessity for quorum, but any marshal can be Group Marshal. Genevieve volunteered to be Group Marshal. Yay!


MOAS: We have been holding sewing classes, and got a few people to actually get fabric and take measurements! That's been going well, and it's been good to have some small activities to help folks get outfits. MoASes aren't fully in the new system yet, so she's not listed now, but should be by the time she needs to submit her report.


Elizabetha is stepping down and Ebegai will step up as deputy. She's already doing a lot to coordinate events and help newcomers, so this is just making it official. Hrefna will like to stay on unless someone else really wants the office.


Kendra has some materials to donate to make some stamps for belt favors or something Moot Activity? Yes, please!


Chatelaine: Would LOVE a replacement. Has been in office for at least 5-7 years now. Will keep it if no one else wants it, but is ready to step down. We don't want her to burn out, so we suggest she step down at the Moot and create a vacuum we will need to fill.  We all clapped and THANKED HER FOR HER SERVICE!!! Lynette is awesome!!!


Chronicler: Still typin'! Willing to give up the office if anyone else wants it. Doesn't need to be up for reelection. 


Webminister: Still need to follow up with a higher power to help get our URL changed. Last month was personally very busy, so this month might be more favorable? Sorry! Kendra will have change of officer forms and is willing to step up in this office. 


Social Media: We haz presences! The kingdom officer used the Maidens event page as a shining example of how to have multiple groups as host, though the SMO didn't handle that on our end. Need to check whether the defunct group has been archived. Suggestion to change the photo on the page to our arms so there's less confusion between that and the group. Kendra is also willing to take this office on, too! What a trooper!!!


RSO: Had a small snafu with the office, but that should be all cleared up now. We almost had to take a test, but Ebegai marched things over there and got it all cleared up. She is awesome! Now, we are okay to reserve rooms. NOTE: future liaisons can have the group frozen at will if the RSO office decides to be all poopy about paperwork for no reason. We've had some attendance with our activities on campus. For next semester, it would be good to have more project nights at the Union, possibly on a night other than Tuesday. More A&S stuff with specific themes might be more useful. Maybe alternating nights, or more than one night a week. See the Moot thread and create an event page. We need a new treasurer!


Charter: Bran has lost internet access over the weekend and hasn't gotten it back in order to bring changes to the charter to this meeting. Will be able to put all the version together tomorrow. Hasn't gotten any feedback from others, so assuming it's good. Will post the update online soon, so anyone can review and suggest changes/find typos.

Can a shire have champions? Sure, why not? 


Moot: Should Kendra reserve the building in Mattoon? ON the other side of town from what we're used to. 8-4 for $50, and $125 if we go outside those hours, $400 if we want alcohol. Dec. 9. We could do 12-7 that date for $125, so that's what we're doing!  Food allowed, alcohol no. Dry up, folks! We need to create a Facebook event page.


Elections: Offices that need elections -

Seneschal, Bran;

Group Marshal,


Archery Marshal - Genevieve;

MoAS, Hrefna;

Chronicler, not needed, but if we have a volunteer, we'll let it go.

Webminister and SMO - Kendra

Chatelaine - NEEDS A NOMINEE

RSO Treasurer -- NEED A F/T Student


Other Business: Ayreton asked if we'd be interested in a Midlands-only event in March and each year move it to another group in the region. TGS wants to do it in March in 2019 as a local get-together on OUR TIME ZONE. As a "let's all play together" "GO MIDLANDS" event; they want it to be the only Midlands event in March to avoid competition. Our group wouldn't have a problem with this in theory, so we voted and the group said, "tentatively, we support a Midlands event in March, but not necessarily making it the ONLY Midlands event in March." Will it actually work? Who knows? Logistics might be challenging for some groups in the region.


Maidens: Will be in Oswego as part of DragonMarch 12th Night. Collaboration is going well with Samii and Andreas. A lot of volunteer positions are already taken, but Hrefna is getting to do her SCAiri TED-style talks. Genevieve will help with lunch. Other opportunities: help serve feast (will give us more of a visual presence and we could wear our servers' tabards). Oswyn will be head server. Genevieve has volunteered to dance. Do we want to car pool Friday night? Maybe share hotel rooms? We could independently coordinate. Estimated profit is $1,000 for our third. We may not have to put hardly any money out for it. TRM AND TRH will be there! We need to get our floor mats and list ropes up there. 


NEXT Maidens: Oswyn has started a group about planning the next Maidens and then left it. Restrictions that are needed to keep Maidens running the way it has been is too much. Oswyn plans not to put in a bid for it in 2020. If nothing happens, we can reserve the Union next year for the January 23. We'll have a backup if we can't find a bigger site. There's a lot of passion among the people who want Maidens to happen, but few people are willing to compromise their requests.


Roughly 40% of Wurm Wald money is stuck in the RSO account, so we need to come up with ways to spend it before the RSO office takes it away (and they can whenever they feel like it). We might do another performing arts symposium. That's something we can have on campus to eat that money up. Bardic Madness is another option in 2020, easy to throw on campus. Other option: Fall Crown? RUM? Will focus on smaller, more specific event themes as possibilities. We could even use the Armory in the fall when they don't care about the track.


no other business? Let's go eat!



Comments (1)

Bran Chandler said

at 11:32 am on Nov 6, 2018

Corrections and Additions

Because Liz stepped up briefly, Oswyn has NOT been Exchequer for two years, which is why he's not up for reelection this year.

If I understood Ebegai correctly, we don't need a new treasurer yet. However, current hasn't been active, so we need to think about finding a replacement. as we will need that person for re-registering for next academic year. That would mean that we have a few months to line someone up. If we've got a volunteer that wants to run in the December elections, that would be great, but not actually essential.

Since Colleen has confirmed that she had offered herself for Chronicler at the October meeting, she should be added to the list.

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