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September 2018

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 5 years, 8 months ago

Meeting Minutes at our Fall/Michelmas Moot, September 9, 2018!


In attendance: Marketa, Jess, Hrefna, Edyth, Genevieve, John, Colleen, Gertrudis, Oswyn, Gunnvarr, Bran, Jhondo, Corasande, Josh, Ebegai, Myrra, Carlo, Katerina, Kendra, Sofya, Rory


Master Rory talked about our application of arms and name have passed. We are Caer Gwyn! (Maybe with a side of t, depending who you ask.) We don't need a big, fat book for our charter, so becoming a shire should just be a rubber-stamp process once we get our paperwork together. We can get a petition with peoples' signatures. 


Seneschal: Began a motion that the group move forward as a shire instead of a barony. The group voted to abandon the effort to become a barony, then voted to move forward with the application to become a shire. Marketa wrote a statement on paper to this effect and passed it around for signatures on a petition. 


Deputy Bran: Wants to start a committee to revise the charter from barony to shire. The idea is that we made a lot of changes from the shire/barony version before our final submission and that it would be simpler to edit the baronial version rather than try to update the original shire charter. Ayes agreed; 1 opposed.

Committee volunteers: Bran, Myrra, Ebegai, Marketa, Katerina; chair: Bran

Plan is to have a draft in time for the Yule/Winter Moot.


Points to add for discussion: 

1. We don't need a heavy marshal to be the group marshal. Can we let any marshal in the group serve as the group marshal? Group voted YES!

2. We need to add a social media officer. This is a new requirement by the Kingdom. The webminister's office will no longer be required by Kingdom. The Social Media Officer will report to the Seneschal. Also, the group will need a Facebook PAGE as well as a group. 

Ebegai willing to be a deputy social media officer! Sofya willing to take over the office as part of her Webminister office stuff.

3. Motion that we change the number we need for a quorum. 3 out of 5 great officers?

We have multiple quasi-legal SCA group entities running simultaneously. It's a bit of a quantum flux. We have Schroedinger's SCA group in a box somewhere, probably in the storage unit. I've lost track of where this conversation went in the process of trying to take notes.

Rory's suggestion: Don't worry about nitpicking the small stuff. Keep on keepin' on.

Voted: We only need 3 out of 5 great officers to run a meeting: seneschal, exchequer, MOAS, marshal, and pursuivant.


Exchequer: $1,792.37 in the Marine bank account

We need to pay for the storage unit.

RSO account: $1,127.49 Just cut a check to Colleen for the Heart of the Midlands purchases for $71ish and a check for Ebegai for Info Night for $16.92.

St. Carol: $2,528.56; no outgoing checks for a while. Katerina: inventorying St. Carol stuff and wants to bring up some tubs periodically to move it into the Caer Gwyn storage unit. Owsyn will get her a key.

Mattoon park doesn't rent out their building for December, so they're looking at another location for the Winter Moot.



Genevieve/Archery Marshal: We got membership with the East Urbana Archery People and Genevieve went out to shoot twice but no one else, so we might need to think about whether we still want to bother with it. We have the membership until February, so think, people.

Alyse just got her final signature to become a fully warranted archery marshal!

Shirony Archery Championship! 5 competitors:

5. Ebegai - 3 points

4. Alyse - 5 points

3. Josh - 6 points

2. Carol - 8 points

1. Oswyn! 17 points. Showoff. ;-)


Total of 9 people shot today. Starting in 2 weeks, we'll meet every other week in the Stock Pavilion.

Archery Improvement challenge to shoot from 20, 40, 60 yards when people want. Upon request, she'll measure it out and get it set up, then, shoot!

here will now be a Facebook event for upcoming Archery shoots.

Carol/Archery South: No activity in the last quarter.


Pursuivant: Deputy Bran reported, no new report/


MOAS: Monthly meetings on the last Tuesdays of the month now. Elizabetha ran the first one on illumination on pretty bookmarks. There will now be a Facebook event for upcoming A&S nights.

Attended the first MOAS training for officers. Huzzah! If you teach a class, give Hrefna the info so she can include it in her report.


Chatelaine: Deputy Genevieve reports: It's been an easy summer. Lynette renewed the Meetup Account. Some contacts collected at Quad Day. They're planning Heartland Maker Fest Oct. 13. heartlandmakerfest.org for more info. We haven't gotten much return in previous years, but it's good to be visible.

Pride Parade next Saturday at 5pm, lineup at 4 around the Children's Museum; specific spot TBA. Anyone welcome to march with us! Most people can show up at 4:30 as long as one person shows up at 4. Queer time is a real thing; somewhere between SCA Time and Drag Queen Time.

Our banner has been fixed with our new name!


Chronicler: Had a training meeting with Regional Chronicler over the summer. Will get paper copies of the photo waivers for future activities and update photos on our website.

Paper copies need to be passed along from Oswyn or Ursus or whomever has them. 

We need to take a new shire photo! 


Webminister: Report went in on time. Still need to update our online identities with new name. Process may be complicated for Facebook/Google Groups.

Voted that we create new Facebook and Google Groups with the new URL name spelling.

Added Marketa as an admin of the Facebook Group. 

Volunteered to be social media officer with Ebegai as deputy? What have I done??? Adding her as an admin as well.

The seneschal needs to be an admin for any social media/email group.

Sofya has 3 offices! Kendra willing to help out with one of these; will discuss in the future. 


RSO: Ebegai took over for Meredith over the summer. Treasurer: Vishal; Agents: Meredith, Genevieve, Elizabetha(?) Would love to have more students. Quad Day was a hit! 2 pages of signatures and Several folks showed up to help out. A&S Night had 5-6 new people, and Info Night had 2 people attend. 

RSO ad in Daily Illini last week, though it's questionable whether people came out from the ad or from Quad Day. We'll need to decide whether we run the ad again in the future if we can figure out how many people see it.

Spaces can be reserved on campus if we want 'em.


Maidens: Oswyn and Ebegai submitting a bid to run it at the Armory again; don't know which date we can get yet, but will know very soon. Anyone interested in running a feast? Genevieve maybe putting a hand in. McKinley Foundation is a possible site for it, though it's expensive. Unitarian Universalist Church is another option. 

Running Maidens as a donation event? The university is getting weirder about how we can use RSO money; plan is to use our RSO money to run the event to get some use out of it. This also helps validate our existence as an RSO so they can't just take our money and run. If we ask for a $10 donation, we can do well. It might even increase attendance. 

Corasande: When Swordcliff ran Baroness Wars as a donation event, they had a couple hundred more people and just got a quarter of the money. 

We CAN charge a specific, non-donation amount for feast as a separate thing.

Vote to hold Maidens with Oswyn as event steward: approved.


Yule Moot: If we can't use the Mattoon park building, Kendra/Katerina will find another location in St. Carol territory.

March Moot: Bran volunteering to coordinate.

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