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July 2018 Minutes

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 2 years, 1 month ago

In Attendance:

Oswyn/Sean                       Exchequer

Genevieve/Kari                   Archery Marshal

Sofya/Anne                        Web Minister/Deputy Chronicler

Gunter/Brian                      New to the area

Lynette/Dena                     Chatelaine (needs Deputy(ies))

Edythe/Heather                  New member

Bran/B.A.                            Deputy Seneschal (and a bunch of other stuff)

Hrefna/Jen                         Arts & Sciences Minister 

Katerina/Terra                    St. Carol Exchequer

Ebegei/Becky                     RSO President   rcv3@illinois.edu

Edythe North/Heather       Minutes Recorder (for this meeting)


Exchequer Report 

Shire of Wurmwald         $3356.95 Marine Bank

                                        $207 in outstanding checks

                                        $11.27.49 RSO funds

St Carol                            $2528.56


A&S Report 

Pending – let her know if you have done anything

Monday night A&S will resume in late August – let her know if you are interested in a particular topic and she will find someone to teach it.

Several people need to get into the storage locker


Archery Marshal

4 people (counting her) have signed up for Illinois Archery Club – our new venue

She will ask whether they rent out their site

Also Stock Pavillion and Judge Weber Park

South Archery Practice – Contact Carol of St. Carol ahead of time if you are coming

Her email is:  



Desperately seeking a replacement and deputies

-  Genevieve volunteered to be a Community Outreach Deputy

-  We also need a deputy who can welcome new people to the Society



Web Minister is considered a Deputy Chronicler and can report for the Chronicler in absentia at meetings.

All present voted for Sofya to be the new Chronicler in addition to Webminister, so this point is moot for now.



If anyone has any corrections to the website, they should contact her (sofyachy@gmail.com).



Paperwork has been submitted for Ebegei to be our new RSO president!

She needs help and advice to run Quad Day/reserve spaces on campus

Discussion and voted up to $50 of RSO money to be spent for an ad in the Daily Illini with our contact information

Quad Day

Need volunteers for Quad Day: contact Ebegei/Becky at rcv3@illinois.edu


Rapier Demo to justify our “demo” space

10 x 10 Tent for shade and tables (Hrefna)

Hand Spinning

Selfie Wall – castle?

Chatelaine cards or bookmarks – question of what information to include as name of our group is still pending with the Heralds, and don’t know if we will be a shire or a barony (Sean and Lynette to figure out what to put on the cards)


Michaelmas Moot

12 people voted to schedule it for September 9

Have (or need?) a reservation for the Stock Pavillion – ask Ursus


Yule Moot December 2 (1st Sunday)

To be held in Mattoon


St. Carol Storage

This includes 16 tubs of feastware that should shift gradually to Champaign-Urbana storage locker.

Discussion of switching to lock with number code, question whether allowed?


Performing Arts Symposium

24 people attended (including 10 Peers)

14(?) classes

A few classes cancelled

Roundtable discussion was well attended

$102.00 profit (?)

$107.58 cost

Do we want to do this again?


Pridefest Parade – Sept 15

Application is in the mail.  All are welcome to participate

Action Item: Banner – Genevieve is working on it



iHelp Day of Service – Saturday September 22

We have been asked to participate, but no details relating to what is involved

Request too vague and September is already a busy month—No not this year


Do we have a policy on loaning stuff out?

No.  Do we need one? Commons sense is enough, the goal is for these things to be used.

Action Item: Oswyn to create a paper log: Name/Phone/Email/Item/date out/date in


We need a new Rapier Marshal (and a deputy Knight's Marshal) (requires certification)

Gunter asks if there is loaner heavy armor, and suggests that we could probably make some


September Vote on whether we want to be a Shire or a Barony

Quorum: 4 (or 5?) of 7 Great Officers needed


Meeting adjourned 5:50pm


Respectfully submitted,

Edythe North




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