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June 2018

Page history last edited by Lucius Antonius Ursus 5 years, 11 months ago

Attending: Ursus, Lena, Marketta, Hrefna, Oswyn, Genevieve, Sofya, Clarissa, Colleen, Tera, Kendra, Carol


Sen:  Gathering officer phone and email for private distribution/emergency contact purpose.  Wants to review deputy vacancies at next Moot.


Exch: Tera - No activity. $2528.56 balance.  Oswyn - 3294.95 in bank, 1087.49 in RSO.  Becky as his deputy, vote pass.  Storage going up by $12 to $122 in August.  Can RSO pay for storage?  No, then would own everything.


Rapier: After much consideration and talk, decided is time to step down as group marshal.  Neither MIT is currently able to step up.  Local practice on hiatus until someone is able to take over.  Swords have been cleaned and sealed and returned to storage locker along with all other loaner gear.


Archery: Report in. Has key to range.    ECIA membership rate is $50/year/5 people.  Motion to reimburse membership fee.  Pass.  Unclear if guests/non-shooters allowed outside of range.  If shooting, must have signed waiver.  Need key from Genevieve to visit range.


Thrown Weapons: Oswyn begun MIT process.


Purs: Report in.  Clarissa device passed.


A&S: report in.  This month last reserved A&S date.  Oswyn teach class on Event Stewart-ing.  No class for July, next in August.  Marketa teach spinning.  If you teach or do something A&S, let Hrefna know for report.


Chronicler: Still looking for someone else to take office.  Will submit reports in the meanwhile.


Web: Website still good.  Wants new group photo at next moot, prefer max garbed.  Bring loaner garb to moot.


RSO:  Becky V has taken over as RSO president.


New Business:


Reschedule moot?  Just cancel this one.  Next moot in September.  Genevieve will take point and poll for exact date.  Yule moot will be south, Terra will get Matoon park reservation for December-ish.


Baronial progress;  Do we have enough numbers??  No.  Is current group sustainable as a Barony?  Questionable.  Should we merge to just a Shire?  Group is shrinking, not enough local recruitment in either group to maintain numbers.  If we fall back to combined Shire, how hard to reapply later when grown?  Repoll, back where we are now.  Would it be a black mark against us?  Considered positive, aware of issues we're facing/not deluding ourselves.   Some Swordcliff interested in merging to shell barony.  Can talk to them? Vote passes with 1 opposition.  Vote to transition to Shire rather than Barony will vote at next Moot, Marketta to put question to the group for consideration in the meanwhile. Request to include information about what involved/reward of Barony vs Shire.


Rory:  Device seems to be passing fine. Name causing much legal-wrangling.  Decision has been made but not yet released, will know August-ish.


Pride parade?   Sep 15th. Yes, big positive response last year.  Ann will take lead.  $50 fee, approved.


Performing Arts Symposium:  Oswyn requesting body count of folks attending to help.  14 classes currently.


Maidens bids?  Oswyn and Becky will be submitting one soon.


RUM bid?  We did not get it.


Heart of Midlands:  Colleen has good coupon for fabric.  Will take point on organizing 8ft tablecloths.   $100 budget, pass.


Library display? Kendra will do. Pass.

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