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April 2018

Page history last edited by Lucius Antonius Ursus 6 years ago

Caer Gwynt Meeting Minutes April 8th, 2018

Attendance: Marketta, Oswyn, Ursus, Lena, Sofya, Genevieve, Vishal, Meridith, Catherine, Clarissa, Hrefna, Kendra, Katarina


Seneschal:  Please CC Sen on all officer reports until we're officially a single, unified group - tricia.chantal at gmail


Exchequer:  3,384.89 in main account.  1087.49 in RSO.  RSO account apparently interest bearing.


Archery:  Archery continues to happen.


Rapier: Several newer fencers competing at 3 Saints next week.


Pursuivant: Report in on time.


A&S: Several folks interested in reviving the music guild, next A&S night will be music.  Bring instrument and sheet music.  If anyone has taught a class, report to Hrefna.  If you want to learn or teach something, also let her know.


Chatelaine: Meetup still good, several new contacts from it.  Register for quad day?  Unanimous approval. Register for Makerfest?  No strong opinion - evaluate if we want to do events strictly as community teaching or if they need to feature recruitment.  CU Spinners - folks who have been believe they're well aware of us and uninterested.  Lena & Ursus both stepping down as deputies, no interest from attending in replacing.


Chronicler: Unable to get warranted at event yet, so also no newsletter yet.  Ursus wanting to step down from this position, Kendra possibly interested.  To be voted on by Moot.


Webminister: Requesting new photos for the site.


RSO: Liz is moving and needs to step down from treasurer.  Vishal volunteers, voted unanimous.  Nikolai offers to remain authorized agent.  Meridith remains President.  Reservation is in for performance event site but not yet confirmed.  Meredith checking regularly for confirmation.


New Business:

Fall RUM looking for bids.  Woud be admin only.  Do we want to do?  Vote 7 yay, 4 abstain.  Marketta will prep the event bid.


Old Business: 

Name: Name can not pass as Caer Gwynt.  May be able to pass as Caerwynt.  If does not pass, second place name is preferred candidate.


LGBT Chatelaine:  Position will be only for LGBT people who have questions.  Position will be filled only with LGBT people.  Kendra volunteers to fill position.  Approved.


St Carol stuff:   15 totes of feast gear, 5 more of assorted miscellany.  Some gear is St Carol specific and not useful to the larger group - vote to distribute it as keepsakes, passed.  Kendra will handle.  Some of it is not in good quality and can be pared down.


Storage space:  With increased stuff, bigger storage needed?  Keg or Bailie still have floor mats too.  May be tight fit.  Oswyn will investigate pricing.

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