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February 2018

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 2 years, 6 months ago

Caer Gwynt Meeting Minutes February 4, 2018

Attendence: Sean, Jen, BA, Kari, Liz, Tricia, Ursus, Terra, Shelly, Kendra


Exchequers: St Carol expenses $2678.56. Domesday submitted on time. Contact for March moot. Check going out of $150 for that. Wurmwald: Oswyn taking over. Maidens not submitted Deposit ~$4000. One check bounced. Domesday is not submitted yet. Liz will correct. Liz will be RSO treasurer. Balances ~$5000 and ~$650 in RSO.


Senechal: As per Justice, we are still independent shires. Clarissa is still St Carol seneschal? Tricia will check with Justice and Clarissa.


Pur: Change of officer paperwork submitted Domesday submitted


MoAS: Report is in. 20 some classes. Good stuff at Maidens. Painting class happened. New person. Moot march 4th.


Archery: Bought new equipment from Viking Archery. Royal Round Feb 11 at Stock Pavilion. Part of the Archery Improvement effort. Will Royal Round in Southern area Feb 17.


Rapier: REport in on time. Two MiT’s, Lori and Nick. New youth fencer. Equipment failure, need a new mask. Money approved to replace. Will work closer with Animal Science to get dates for stock pavilion


Chat: no report. Demo at Farmer Market: Ursus will work on determine dates.


Chronicle: Ursus chronicler for now. Oswyn will send files to Ursus


Webminster: Adding Meet up to website.


MIdsummer moot: keeping in here at Stock. Ursus hosting. St Carol storage: waiting until warmer weather. March?


New business: Heart of the Midlands challenge. Do we want to do it again. Doing it again. Anne submitting it. Chairs, list decor, dayshade, things to make Maidens look pretty, officer baldrics. April meeting date is Easter day. Moved to April 8.


INterested in statement of inclusion: Think about it. Kendra, Jen and BA are interested in drafting. WIll submit to the group at a later date. Anyone with thoughts or suggestions please reach out to these three. Summer event: This is the event Sean has been working on with Lorelei and Niccolo. Final approval.


Maidens: 350 ish people. Can use the space again. Need to involve RSO more. Small items: water on floor, prop open doors, need to figure how to deal with Majestic interruption, need class confirmation, move layout a bit, use the speaker (bullhorn), encourage lecture style classes, handicapped parking (look into it with university parking). Ursus will reach out to RSO to look at next year.

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