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November 2017 Minutes

Page history last edited by Lucius Antonius Ursus 3 years, 1 month ago
  • Attending:  Ursus, Lena, Genevieve, Sofya, Bran, Marketa, Liz, Katarina


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - 
      • Marketta - Report in on time.
    • Exchequer - 
      • Kat
        • Went to exchquer meeting at Crown.  Audit successfully completed.
        • $2,678.56 in account.  
        • Report in on time.
      • Liz
        • Missed crown audit due to illness
        • Will be able to do it at Crystal Ball before deadline
        • 1 error on report, has been fixed and will be resubmitted once signed off on.
    • Martial
      • Archery -
        • Practices ongoing with good turnout.
        • Elise started MIT.  Horray!
        • Carol workin on site for offweek practices. Currently Saturdays at Draves archery.
      • Rapier - 
        • Report in on time. 
        • Arianna has picked up her youth authorization - another youth officer at large in the group. 
        • Several folks doing their authorizations at Crystal Ball.
        • Up to 9 paid and authorized local fencers, now.
    • A&S - Jen
      • Report in on time
      • Games and fashion A&S night went well
      • Nov A&S will be dance, taught by Genevieve
      • No space reserved for Dec A&S


    • Pursuivant - 
      • Bran will be stepping down to deputy roll in 2018.
      • Proposing his deputy Clarissa as his replacement, to be voted on at Yule Moot.


    • Chatelaine -
      • Report in on time
      • New loaner garb donated to group
        • Successfully garbed escape room people from gold key
        • Successfully garbed new fencers for Crystal Ball
      • Webminister -
        • Caer Gwynt website succesfully launched.
        • Added pictures to site, requesting more of the general group if anyone has them 
      • Chronicler 
        • Nothing to report
      • RSO Business 
        • Progress being made with armory classrooms.


    • New Business 
      • Yule Moot Elections
        • Herald position open for election
          • Clarissa running 
        • Knight's Marshal Deputy open for election 
          • Kendra running
      • New rapier loaner gear was purchased and has arrived
      • New roasters were purchased and have arrived
      • Ursus and Lena request to borrow group's electric roasters to help with Bardic Madness feast approved. 
    •  Old Business 
      • Yule Moot   
        • Confirmed site is discreetly damp
        • Handicapped accessible parking in front of building. 
        • 2pm A&S class on scroll case making.  Bring spare cloth or cardboard
      • Lady Day Moot
        • Katarina working on site
      • St. Carol storage is still all in Katarina's garage.  Will wait till after Maidens to move and consolidate.

        MINUTES RECORDER: Please create a new page for each month's minutes and add a link to it to the Minutes Archive, then copy and paste into an email to Google Groups. Thank you!



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