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April Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Roana Aldinoch 5 years, 6 months ago

Agenda items for the March 2016 Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings

Attending:  Kegg, Lynette, Sofya, Genevieve, Oswyn, Bran, Hrefna, Roana, Ivarr, Elisabetha, Rory, Katerina (on phone), Clarissa (on phone) 


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Jon - in abstentia
      • Committee expectations and rules 
    • Exchequer -
      • Oswyn
        • $2839 in Marine, $2620. 32 working balance
        • $1093.39 in RSO
      • Katarina
        • $3041.05 in bank
      • Discussion at committee meeting about joining finances 
    • Martial - Kegg
      • Regular fighting; close to 20 fighters
      • Kegg is now a combat archery martial 
      • Target archery practice - MiT Genevieve!! - Wednesdays at Hunters' Haven 6:30 or 7
        • Genevieve is new Archery Martial 
    • A&S - Elisabetha
      • Thank you for letting me be MAOS! (Thanks, Elisabetha!)
      • Quarterly Report is coming, a little past due
      • Kendrick will be stepping up; change of officer form to be signed 
      • Roana taught leather bottle making at last month's A&S 
        • Leather bottles next month, too
        • A&S will be in Casey at Kendrick and Katerina's 
        • Elisabetha will be cancelling room
        • Transitioning to fixed room configuration at the Union 
      • WBDG rescheduled this month 
    • Pursuivant - Bran
      • Wurmwald has no report
      • St Carol  - Katarina got her Evergreen (YAY!) 
    • Chatelaine - Lynette
      • Demo dye workshop
      • Demo brewing workshop with Makerspace this summer? 
      • MeetUp - Very successful 
      • Demos for pay? 
    • Webminister - Sofya
      • We have a website  
    • Chronicler - Roana
      • Wyvern's Watch - Need articles/Officer notes
        • Have Piper's, Oswyn's, Lynette 
      • Publication will be end of April
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha 
      • RSO info/business page can be found here
      • Cancel all meeting rooms going forward 
      • Hrefna will step up as RSO President for the next year
        • Need someone else by next May
  • New Business 
    • May Day - May 1 @ Kegg's
    • Video conference equipment research for off-site meetings
      • Dena will look into DCL video-conferencing 
  • Old Business 
    •  Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense - Manteno, IL, September 16-18
      • Moved due to issues with site
      • Lockmorrow's event cancelled 
    • Crown Tourney - October 15, 2016
      • Bid to Kingdom for the group as a whole
      • Thanks to Oswyn for the bid and for offering to be Event Steward 
    • Festival of Maidens
      • Need bids! 
      • Clarissa will get Maidens on the Kingdom calendar - January 20-22, 2017  
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  


MINUTES RECORDER: Please create a new page for each month's minutes and add a link to it to the Minutes Archive, then copy and paste into an email to Google Groups. Thank you!






Ongoing projects 



Future shire events on the horizon - 


  • May Day 2016 - Kegg's farm
  • September 2016 - MKAOD - Avenue of Arts 
  • January 2017 - Festival of Maidens 




Illini Union Space Request Form (or pdf file here) RSO account# = 1-905708-199000

Midlands Meeting Notes Form by Caitriona

"Fillable" Change of Office/New Officer (fillable .pdf) (links to Kingdom page; active Dec. 2015



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