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September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Page history last edited by Anne McKinney 8 years, 10 months ago

September 2015 Business Meeting

Chronicler Page with Minutes from Previous Meetings

Attending: Sean/Oswyn, Liz/Elisabetha, Ursul/Eve, Dena/Lynette, Greg/Keg, Tricia/Markéta, Roana/Roana, Genevieve/Kari, Sofya/Annabanana, Aleator/Chuck, and a whole bunch of sorority girls cheering anyone who comes off the elevator right outside the room.


  • Officer reports 
    • Seneschal - Markéta
      • We is a go! Skyping in from scenic Wilmington. It's really intriguing doing meetings this way. 
    • Exchequer - Oswyn 
      • Financial Policy creation: never received a sample of what it should look like. This is going on the backburner; he will ask again and see what happens.
      • As of now, we are at $1,885.93 in the marine bank account, because Terra submitted a receipt for the chickens for the feat for maidens. RSO should be unchanged; working balance for the main account is roughly $200 less.
      • Genevieve signed the bank statement and it's been forwarded on to Bojy. 
    • Martial - Keg
      • Everything is going really well! Marshal's report went in on time.
      • We've had 10 Wurm Walders fighting in the last 6 weeks. Working up to 20, getting 3 from Baile and a few others from out of town.
      • Could use a few more loaner pieces of equipment; Keg is working on adding pieces as he can make them. Has loaner stuff from Aleator. Liz and Dena have some other loaner gear floating around, and Aleator has some still that might cause too much damage to use. There are leg harnesses for some really teeny person.
      • Roana suggested having an armoring day to help create shire loaner armor. 
      • Next practice: Sunday here at the Arboretum
      • Central IL fighters' page -- lets fighters know where to find practices in the area. Collaborations with Baile have been happening, too. Friends from Detroit are coming to Maidens! 
    • A&S - Elisabetha 
      • We have officially switched to a 1st Monday SCA sewing night with a 3rd Monday Makerspace sewing night where all makers are welcome. 
      • Volunteers for next month's sewing night: Oswyn and Gertrudis
      • This month's A&S Night: Embroidery / Sewing / BYOP; October: pattern drafting; C&I: sometime in the future, maybe February?
      • Genevieve is willing to teach pattern drafting in the shire, preferably no more than 8 at a time. Will practice teaching on Sofya prior to a shire function. 
      • Gothic Dress/Cotehardie Saturday -- All of my resources are on this page. There was some interest in scheduling another day to share with Swordcliff and other regional groups. 
        • Clarissa from St. Carol on the Moor -- Central IL silk painting in Decatur? 
      • What classes have been taught since July 1st? List is due Oct 1st.
        • Sofya: Embroiderers' roundtable, 4-5 people talked about non-embroidery stuff
        • Roana: History of Hops at Pennsic, taught twice with 15 in the first class and 16 in the second
        • Lynette: Natural dyes at Pennsic, about a dozen throughout the day
        • Lynette and Hrefna: Natural dyes at Baroness Wars, 6 official attendees and several more who wandered in and out
    • Pursuivant - Hrefna
      • Heraldry night  
    • Chatelaine - Lynette
      • October 3: Belegarth demo, MakerFest, and Feast of the ARchangels in Illiton
      • Lynette would like to do MakerFest if we can get a second person
      • Belegarth demo may also have the opportunity to recruit, possibly more so than MakerFest in terms of realistically bringing people in
      • Has anyone seen James lately? Active at Fablab lately; Sofya will send his email to Lynette to help keep him in the loop 
    • Webminister - Sofya
      • We can haz kingdom site! Main web content and most of Maidens content has been transferred.
      • Report submitted on time.
      • Deputy Lynette also has admin access to our site and has been archiving Maidens content of old. 
      • We have space for a header on our new site; would be a good place to add something with our device and text, if someone with Photoshop skillz could make it happen. Help, please?
      • Some complaints about our wiki: too overwhelming to tease out information just to get started. Could we just pull out the data that they need on the static site? The point: have some points of reference on static site that directs them to specific places on the wiki, to make it easier to find that content
      • We might be able to use CPanel to move our wiki onto the kingdom site; Lynette would need to run some usability testing on that before knowing if it's feasible 
    • Chronicler - Roana 
      • We have a new regional chronicler: Muriel of Illiton! 
      • Any and all articles/drawings/pictures appreciated 
    • RSO Business - Elisabetha
      • The forthcoming RSO info/business page can be found here.
      • Our reservation for rooms was approved. The request for exempt space (South Lounge) has been filed. I have not heard back about South Lounge as of 5-11-15, but if I recall that may be normal for exempt space.
      • RSO renewal--Quizzes are passed! The RSO has been resubmitted. The authorized agents will have to go accept their positions. Anne is now an authorized agent and Chuck is not. There is some conversation about having someone from Belegarth take over one of our authorized agent positions to facility fighting practice. Greg's daughter is a student who could reserve indoor fighting space at the stock pavilion.
      • HUZZAH!!!! Those RSO quizzes are mean business, but our ladies have whupped 'em up good. 
      • Liz can request the stock pavilion for Keg and fighters. They typically get every day they can and then release the rooms when they don't need them, or the department can go in and kick them out when they need the space.
      • Liz is going to Honduras in June, so we will need another RSO prez for 2016-17. 


  • New Business:
    • Can we get tents to use at the Belegarth demo? There is one in the storage locker, but no poles.  Works primarily as a pavilion, wall is only 4' tall. No one has ever made poles to make it low enough to work as a tent. Let's just use it as a pavilion. It's 12' x 16'. We need 10 or so poles. Keg will make some and add them to the shire bounty. He also has ropes and stakes, which our pavilion doesn't. (Instant tent: just add tent!) 
    • What is the physical setup for the demo? No power, a couple park faucets, but no real water. There is a generator if we need one. Baile is supplying two lists, one for SCA official demo, one for guys who just want to hit each other. There will be rapier and heavy. Keg is expecting 800-1,000 people to be there, many of whom are ready to step up their game. Any A&S that would impress would be good! Roana -- bookbinding; Lynette -- possibly dyeing?
    • Heinrich is requesting that we bring tables and chairs for the pavilion. He is bringing another 12' x 16'.
    • Sof & Gen: bringing painted tables? 
    • Bring hands-on stuff to demo!
  • Old Business 
    • Baronial stuff: Roana mentioned how things are going in other groups. "Let's see if we can play well together and if our cultures can mesh well!" Yay, multiculturalism! Yay, active culture, typed Sofya, while thinking about yogurt.
  • Maidens 
    • Going swimmingly  
    • Parking and Troll spaces are open for volunteerism.
    • Do we still want to buy 8 more rolls of rubber mats? We have roughly $2600 altogether, so should we hold off until after Maidens to buy them? 
  • Nearby upcoming events: Events calendar:  Check it out!  


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